MediaKick Preview: DiRT 3

"The sun was blazing down, beads of sweat slowly dripping down foreheads thanks to the heat; the revs of the engine deafening even from this distance with the hard-hitting melodies of American rock-group Alter Bridge filling the occasion silence from the surrounding stereo system. Engine pumping, the car speeds off, before the wheels lock as it continues sideways before maintaining a vicious pace as it battles with the tarmac, squeezing underneath a parked lorry. The gravel at Battersea Power Station is kicked up as the car skids around a loose corner, firing dust over two dozen feet skyward. The motorsport of Gymkhana is a fast and brutal one that leaves no prisoners and allows few mistakes. Luckily, with Ken Block at the wheel, he performs with a fluidity and ease that no other can match. Until now."

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