TLR: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Review

Vex of TLR writes "In a genre that usually rewards cheap assholes, were glad to know that campers do not get points, we don’t know how Crytek did it"

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Holeran2773d ago

"This is the best looking fps on any console don’t be fooled by the fanboy hatred"

Close but no. Killzone 3 still holds that title.

Other than that the no dedicated servers for this game kind of spoiled the multiplayer for me.

TKCMuzzer2773d ago

Especially in multiplayer, the Crysis 2 engine just does not hold up as well. It plays like COD with a suit. Aim assist for noobs, everyone using the cloak, appalling kill cams which show something different to what happened and at times just awful lag.
In fact, EA's servers have probably killed the MP on this game. Have gone back to K3 as there is more depth to the MP game play.
To the article author, Crysis 2 looks great but side by side with KZ3 it does not match up, great graphics = looks, framerate and resolution, you need all three to be classed as the best.

talltony2773d ago

The mp is laggy sometimes and it has a huge drop in quality when going online.

ksoto2773d ago

I dont even think its close lol but hey everyone has their opinion. And Killzone 3 does hold that title.
Why would dedicated servers ruin your experience? One thing i will give Crytek credit for is a fun mp experience and one that has been flawless since i first purchased the game for my ps3. I have exp. no lag, no kicked out games, nothing. I guess im lucky.

KeiserSosay47882773d ago

There should never be auto-aim in MP....ever