8.0 - The 3rd Birthday Review Parasite Eve is one of Square Enix’s lesser known franchises from the original Playstation’s heyday. Seeking to revive the series on the PSP, the 3rd Birthday takes play in the near future of 2013. Creatures dubbed the Twisted, along with a huge monstrous tentacle referred to as the Babel, rise up from underground. New York is swiftly overrun by these creatures, and the National Guard is promptly slaughtered. In what may be considered a rip off of the new movie “The Source Code,” Aya Brea, the heroine of the first two games, must dive into the minds of people in the past in order to change the future, and destroy the Babel in the past to reclaim the city. The result is an interesting 3rd person shooter with very light RPG elements that gets hung up on the limitations of the PSP.

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