Blu Shines with this week's Neilson Numbers on Home Media Magazine

The Nielsen numbers are out for week ending 10/07/2007. 'Silver Surfer' took the top spot for Blu-ray. 'Knocked Up' for HD DVD. The Blu-ray version of Silver Surfer outsold the HD DVD version of Knocked Up by a factor of 100:21.11 (about 5 to 1). Blu-ray had 6 of the top 10 titles.

Week 10/07: BD 68, HD 32 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 09/30: BD 54, HD 46 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 09/23: BD 63, HD 37 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 09/16: BD 61, HD 39 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39
Week 09/09: BD 60, HD 40 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 61, HD 39

The NA increase was 14% for BD since last week. No change In Year to Date or Since Inception numbers.

**courtesy Helen

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wil4hire4481d ago

Another ouch for HD-DVD.

blusoops4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

^^^supposedly...but they never count the PS3's as blu-ray players when they make those claims.

cuco334481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

All top new releases for the week were on BD, barely any on HD DVD. I'm actually surprised BD didn't do better. I was shooting more for 71:29 or greater.

Expect the ratio to be closer next week but still much better for BD (BD has 9 new releases vs HD DVD's 2). Following week though is all HD DVD (Transformers + others)

EDIT: to below
It's funny, BDA spins more than HD DVD. At least HD DVD tries to spin it reasonably since the sales don't show the impact the PS3 was supposed to have. In other words, those truely interested in HDM are more than likely to get a stand alone player, even if the PS3 is the best BD player out there (not something to brag about). But Sony and BDA is already know for when looking at hardware alone they'll include PS3, when looking at attachment rates they won't.
Preaching software sold is the only thing that matters is ironic since HDM total doesn't make up 5% of all movie sales, and of that 5% it's split 1.5:1. See PS3 alone by now should have trounced on the entire HD DVD format but it didn't. You'll get more BD sales for those PS3 owners rarely decide to buy a movie in HD, but those who already own stand alones are more likely to buy multiple films. The masses aren't even ready for HDM. This 'war' is far from over.

ps3tag4481d ago

the HD-DVD hardware out does not count PS3 sales and thats why this format back and forth is BS until times like this .. SOFTWARE sold PERIOD is what tells you what the HD-DVD camp fears the most .. PS3 sales DO matter for the BD camp, and it reflects in the numbers.

nasim4481d ago

the 40 gig is being sold with a free copy of Spiderman 3/Casino Royale.

GFK estimated that over 300 000 ps3s were sold in EU on 10th OCTOBER

ps3 is hammering EU charts as we speak

see my post here for the complete charts

i predict SONY to full win Format as well as console war this year

wil4hire4481d ago

Its like him sticking up for CDROM VS DVDROM.

More space this day in age is a GOOD thing. Especially for Media content. Thats why Ipods aren't !!256mb!!Same with phones/cameras/flash drives/sd cards.. Everything with more space is eventually going to get used.

I can see his issue with bluray as a 360/ps3 fanboi issue. But this is one issue that even fanboys cant argue with. The numbers are in the ps3's favor. If it is VHS/Beta.. VHS = Sony this round. Due to sales & popularity. However I don't think HD-DVD has any use as far as behind doors entertainment goes. I believe they will stick to Beta Tape backups of film edits.

fenderputty4481d ago

He's busy trying to find more scewed "hardware" data to counter these sales figures.

MK_Red4481d ago

I don't get it. We have news of HD-DVD outselling Blu-ray 4:1 and this is news of Blu-ray shining and doing better. Stupid format war and stupid Paramount for making it last longer.

Canidae4481d ago

This "war" would be over if it weren't for Paramount.

wil4hire4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )


HD-DVD is selling more HD-DVDplayers, but I wonder how many of those people actually have HDTV's and the disposable income to buy 28 weeks later for 30 dollars vs just buying the regular DVD.

I think demographics play a huge part in why bluray disc sells more & makes more money for investors off of the more expensive hardware.

The war is over. It was a war over preference, and Bluray has won hands down. HD-DVD is running at a severe loss & no one is buying HD-DVD movies.

Bluray is the HD content-winner. But I don't see it taking over DVD's spot any time.

Hell you can still buy dvd players for 90 dollars.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4481d ago

Even Toshiba said stand alone Blu ray players were starting to outsell HD DVD players, that's why they had that annoucement that HD DVD players starting outselling blu ray players again.

So it's close in the stand alone department, but when PS3 is added to the mix it's not much of a contest. And I hear that in other parts of the world the Blu ray lead is even bigger.

ps3tag4481d ago

+bubble from me because you cannot be more right on .. it is so convenient for them to exclude the PS3, comes back to bite them in the ass each time though ;)

Marceles4481d ago

lol @ Wii4hire, not Wil4hire...

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unlimited4481d ago

The Simpson movie going to sell a lot this christmas!!

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