Top 5 Most Memorable Video Game Songs

MSNBC writes: "Do you ever find yourself humming a tune from a video game days after you last played it? We do. Some of these melodies are so catchy, they're memorable years later. And the songs can become icons for the games themselves. "Halo" isn't "Halo" without its sweeping score. And could you imaging playing "Super Mario Bros." without that catchy ditty playing in the background?"

"These are our Top 5 most memorable video game songs:"

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MK_Red4025d ago

No MGS = Terrible least. No Final Fantasy VIII = worse than terrible. No Silent Hill = Near Worst.

Retro-Virus4025d ago

No MGS score by Harry-Gregson Williams ??

The theme song is one of the best ever made.

Satanas4025d ago

MGS - TAPPY and Williams' version, Halo theme, Super Mario Bros, Legacy of Kain, so many...

tomfoolery4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Sonic 1 intro,1st level theme. Genesis
Super mario bros. Nintendo 1
Adventure Atari 1
Phanasy Star 1 Genesis.
and a million others.........but those few really come to mind.

LOL LEON........

You named a bunch of Sony games.

Kingdom Hearts?
Devil May Cry 3?
Shadow of the Colossus?
Pokemon(Pallet Town theme or Bicycle riding theme)?
Prince of Persia:Warrior Within?
Motorstorm's entire soundtrack (mainly Slam by Pendulum

Listen Jr.,
video games have been around long before Sony got into the console business.Think boy.......think before you post.
You tickle me.

Armyless4024d ago

If he likes certain songs, that's his business. We certainly don't have to submit our list to you for approval.

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The story is too old to be commented.