Top 65 Call of Duty Kills of the Week, (Sniper Plays, Tomahawks, Killcams, and More)

Net Media Now - "Several YouTube channels run those Top Call of Duty Kills of the Week. I, personally, enjoy watching sick tomahawk kills, no scope streaks, and quad sprays, just to name a few. However, all of these Top Kills of the Week features are scattered all over YouTube, and it's time consuming to track them down, so I compiled 10 of this week's top kills videos in one convenient place for you to watch."

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Criminal2745d ago

I think the Optic nation videos are the best. :)

Criminal2745d ago

Why not? Honestly, I could've done a top 100, but I thought 10 videos (65 kills) should be enough.

Rearden2745d ago

Bunch of great ones. Looking forward to vol. 2 :)

Criminal2745d ago

Hopefully, this Saturday. :)