Rebuilding The Normandy In Mass Effect 3

GCO: "The most recognizable aspect from the Mass Effect universe, other than Commander Shepperd, is the Normandy, the series’ main form of transportation. However, according to Game Informer, the Normandy has been “taken apart, studied and rebuilt” in the sequel."

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Blacktric2745d ago

I hope the retards at Alliance didn't take out EDI since they're not big fans of AI's.

Jellzy2745d ago

Yup, :).

EDI and Joker at the helm again please.

IronFistChinMi2745d ago

As long as "she" and Joker are back, the Alliance can do what they want. It'll be cool exploring the Normandy again though.

Rybakov2745d ago

what?? i HATED edi prolly more than the joker

absolutely the most pointless add-in ever, have not to mention annoying too

Lord_Doggington2745d ago

no way, i wanna see edi in the game, then edi malfunction/revolt against shepherd and a mission where it's shepherd vs edi inside the normandy. maybe you get to choose between edi and joker...

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nchizimbi2745d ago

The Normandy 2 is Cerberus property...the Alliance Normandy was destroyed at the beginning of Mass Effect 2; therefore The Illusive Man must be PISSED that the investment that is the Normandy 2 is being stripped, studied and rebuilt/upgraded. Basically the Alliance have stolen it. LOL

CJQNSNYC2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

TIM not only spent money on the Normandy, but on Shep himself/herself. So that's a double loose for him. My feeling is the ONLY reason he spent all of that money was for his ultimate goal: The Collector Base. Shep was the ONLY person capable of deliviring it so TIM figured it was money well spent. Except in my ME2, Shep told TIM to stuff it! Now, TIM will be gunning for him in ME3. Shep to TIM: "BRING IT!"

Side note.

It's already been confirmed that both EDI and Joker are back.

NORMANDYSR12744d ago

It needs a holodeck lol imagine being in command of the Normandy during a space battle, telling Joker who to target, when to raise the shields etc. Would be fudging EPIC :)