3DS - One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP Trailer

Check out the latest trailer of 3DS One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP.

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RedPawn2774d ago

This game should have a butt load of content in it, it would be nice if they had the Toriko X One Piece set in it.

F Blackbeard.

bacrec12774d ago

I think people really underestimate the power of the 3DS. This game actually looks pretty great.

Arcee2774d ago

I didn't hear about this game until I saw this, but it looks really good. Gotta agree with you there.

AWBrawler2774d ago

These games are the best games I've ever played that is based off of an anime. I would compare them to other Adventure games like Rune Factory, Tales of the Abyss, and Baten Kaitos

Venox20082773d ago

I hope that this will come to west :)

shadokid2773d ago

anyone knnow if this is gonna be out in eu or america