Levine: Gamers Don’t Need Dumbed-Down Narratives

VG247: "God, no," Levine told VG247 when asked if narrative had to be dumbed down for gamers.

“With some of the stuff we’re doing on Infinite, I need to dumb it down for me.”

The Irrational games head said Take-Two had been very supportive.

“Take Two in particular, is pretty bold on this stuff. [Take Two chairman and CEO Zelnick] Strauss and the gang signed off immediately,” he continued.

“Frankly, in their shoes, I don’t know if I would have written a check for [BioShock 1]. ‘Trust me! The kids love objectivism!’”

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kaveti66162751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Ken Levine is a good developer.

Amidst all the other first person shooters which are about the most derivative topics, like alien invasions or foreign terrorism, and usually have to involve the idea that humanity as we know it will be destroyed unless the player's character single-handedly stops the evil forces through strategic offenseives... anyway, amidst all of that cliche'd stuff (and by the way anyone reading this might think of a dozen different shooters), Levine and his studio are making a game that doesn't have to be about saving the world or humanity, but about exploring the execution of ideas and philosophies that are considered controversial.

Bioshock 1 is a game you don't have to love, but you should appreciate that the developers for Bioshock are one of the few out there that didn't just make another run-of-the-mill, copy cat, me-too game to compete with Call of Duty or Halo or Gears.

I'm talking about games like Homefront or Medal of Honor (you may have loved these games but you must acknowledge that they're slightly tweaked versions of successful franchises and were made only to grab a piece of the pie without taking any major risks).

Bioshock is a game where if you've never played it and no one has ever told you about it, you probably aren't going to be able to predict what it's about.

It's the type of game that made me want to read a book about the game's concepts.