Best-selling games in Japan for March

Famitsu has revealed the best-selling games in Japan for the month of March.

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insomnium22746d ago

OMG how hot the PSP and PS3 combo is in Japan atm.

shikamaroooo2746d ago

surprised ps3 and psp games dominated japan even dominated 3ds launch games

Ravage272746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I predict that trend will continue until the 3DS gets some big titles out. ToA or Zelda remake isn't going to cut it, Nintendo needs a Mario game asap.

The Wii is completely dead in the water, PS3 should easily outsell it by at least 2:1 this year. PSP software sales remains incredible, MHP3 could even reach 5million before MHP3G releases.

BiggCMan2746d ago

It's great to see them buying video games with everything going on over there. I'm sure it helps take their mind off all the bad that's happened. I know playing video games always makes me feel better when shit happens to me. Congrats to Koei and Omega Force for the stellar Dynasty Warriors 7 sales as well. DW7 deserves to be played by a lot of people, screw what American critics say.

anasurimbor2746d ago

One of the best things about a Musou release is the generally *hilarious* reviews they gather.

The Cheat Code Central review is one of the funniest video game reviews I've read in a long, long time.

anasurimbor2746d ago

Wow, Dissidia beat out Dynasty Warriors? daaaaaamn

miyamoto2746d ago

Why did they highlight DW7 a PS3 game on a Nintendo site?

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