Is A Good Video Game Movie Possible?

The world of movies may just be video games’ closest relative. The products are similar, the work is similar, even the fans (which, I’m assuming, most of you are of both movies and games) are similar. So, why then, is it these two can never seem to get along?

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DERKADER2775d ago

Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter were the best video game movies ever.

Merivigian2775d ago

I do have a guilty pleasure for the Mario Bros. Movie, idk if it's because I saw it as a kid or what, it's just a fun little movie.

emitcowboys2775d ago

hahah. Honestly, I thought it was complete trash. I understand that it has this cult following because it was one of the original video game movies

GodofwarGoty2775d ago

it is with the right studio doing it it could be done really well IN MY OPTION prince of persia was a great movie Really well done

Arcee2774d ago

I really enjoyed PoP. I thought it did the game some justice. It could have been better, but it was really good.

Treezy5042774d ago

The original Mortal Kombat movie was pretty good IMO. Also if someone in Hollywood wants to make a movie based on a hit video game they should at least play the hell out of the game and make the story exactly the same.

When the Uncharted movie comes out I don't want to see Nathan Drake end up in space looking for the lost treasure of Uranus.

yewles12774d ago

Only good VG movies were MGS: Philanthropy and Street Fighter Legacy.