April 12th PlayStation Store Update: Confirmed Content and What to Expect

After much anticipation, a new map pack for Killzone 3 will see release this Tuesday. Red Dead Redemption DLC will be made available for a low price and unlock a new character outfit, weapon pack, and horse for players at a reasonable price.

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Lirky2774d ago

0.99 for rdr war horse and deadly assasins costume thats worth it im tired of like 2.99 and 5.99 for some dlcs.

SasanovaS19872774d ago

free maps for Plus+ members for killzone 3???? wtffff thats insane. PSN Plus is paying off like crazy

Rainstorm812774d ago

I was debating on buying the new map pack, but being a ps+ member i dont even need to worry about it.

Finally they released a demo for The Fight: Lights out, ive been wanting to try it but the mixed opinions on the game kept me from making a leap of faith.

Electroshocked2773d ago

What about the InFamous 2 BETA?

HappyGaming2773d ago

Man I am so broke right now i wanted to buy an year of PS+ but I only got 3 months and it run out...



Dungeon Hunter: Alliance -- PS3 -- $12.99 -- PS+ Subscribers $9.75

Larry L2774d ago

I'm all over Dungeon Hunter. Some people say bad things about it, some say good things. But I really don't care. I want some real time hack n' slash loot-grabbin' action on my PS3, and for $10 it's a steal. If I end up loving it, that's a plus, if not it's just a dirt cheap hack n' slasher to hold me off until Dungeon Seige 3.

Also, something coming out not in this preview that I'm really looking forward to is Marvel vs Capcom 3 avatars!! I have little to no interest in the game due to what I consider a lackluster roster on the Marvel side, but I'm really happy to be able to have a few Marvel character avatars to use. Wolverine WILL be my new avatar.....and an avatar is being released for every single character, so no matter who you like, you'll be golden.

But WTF.......Final Fantast 1 20th Anniversary for PSP release on the EU PSN over a month ago, WHY IS IT NOT IN NORTH AMERICA?!?! I want that game on my PSP Go SOOOO badly.

Chapulin2774d ago

Free Map pack for K3 ohhh yeahhh.

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evercast2774d ago

Have they updated when Threads of Fate will be added to PSN? They announced it around the same time as Xenogears.

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