MLB Power Pros – Wii Impressions

Once Loot Ninja turned on the game on the first thing that hit them was the graphics are a bit pitiful on the loading screens and the game itself is pretty basic looking, although it is very cartoonish so this isn't as terrible as in like a Madden or something. The characters all look like shrunken bobble heads, but have little differences in animations, pitching style, batting style, etc.

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squallsoft4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

i have nothing against Nintendo as developers or as a company for that matter, but cmon. is this really the direction the public wants gaming to go? there are two truly next-gen systems out there. and both are pushing game-play to the next level, but there is something holding everything back. that something is the Nintendo wii. I'm not saying that the wii is a bad system, but its pumping out graphics on a ps2 level. is this what you all want "next-gen" to be? i mean the wii does have the motion sensing ability and all, but so does the ps3 (without sacrificing raw horsepower). as far as the whole "graphics aren't everything" argument goes, imagine if Nintendo didn't push the visual envelope when going from the NES to the SNES. imagine, if you will, that the SNES was marketed as a SLIGHTLY more powerful NES with a motion sensing controller? would gaming have continued to evolve as it has been doing over the past couple of generations? more than likely NO. don't get me wrong. i love the whole motion sensing thing. It is innovative and fun, but you're telling me that the control scheme is the only thing that should be evolving? it doesn't make sense. a next-gen system should be pushing the envelope in all areas, from controls to graphics. just like the SNES added the L and R buttons and also doubled the graphics power, the wii should be using its motion sensing controls and pushing graphics out on par with the PS3 and 360. the fact that the wii is doing so well means that developers are going to devote more and more time to it and less pushing the graphical envelope on the more powerful systems. lets just all pray that this is a fad and the "next-gen" gaming can really take off on the PS3 and 360 in the near future.

Thanks Nintendo!

alaaji4026d ago

This is current gen, not next-gen. The next-gen is not out yet and when it does come out, it will be current gen.
Now, you must understand something about Nintendo. While they did okay with the Gamecube which was arguably more powerful than the PS2, they came in 3rd place. For a company that survives on their own hardware and software, that would not do. They had to approach the industry from a different perspective. That meant bowing out of the arms race and focusing on something different, i.e. the motion sensing controller and price. Do you honestly think that if they had come out with a system on par with the PS3 or XBox 360, that they would be in the position that they are today? Even with the motion control, most people wouldn't have plunked down 400 USD for a souped up system and they would be in 3rd place right now.

This is a business people and they have to please their shareholders, not just the gaming community. Now, they are the 2nd most valuable company in Japan and their stock price is soaring through the roof. You may not care about that, but the people who invest in their company do. "Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M., dollar, dollar bill y'all!"

Taz is right, that game is a PS2 port. It was not developed from the ground up to support the Wii. If it was and the developers put some effort into it, it would be an excellent looking game. As it stands now, it is not terrible looking but the Wii is capable of doing better. Also, you must understand that this game is extremely popular in Japan and will be snatched up by the gaming community there. 2KSports is hoping that it will sell in North America as well and looking at the reviews, while not stellar, they do say that it is fun. Check out to see for yourself.

taz80804026d ago

Dont get me worng the game is fun and is kool to pick up and play but I agree with the guy above in that the graphics are relally ps2 graphics, i think it was developed witht he ps2 in mind and hten ported to the wii, not hte the other way around. aside form the swinging of the bat witht he sensor, that is it for distinguishing factors.

perseus4026d ago one of the most popular in Japan. It wasn't developed for the NA market.

To answer your questions, squallsoft, I will ask another. Why do you think your opinion is more important than that of others? If many people buy games like these, that means the game is popular. That means, the industry will start making more games like these.

So, in fact, yes. The definition of gamer has changed. Gamers are no longer 400lb cheetos-eating zit-faced virgins who spend every minute of the day trying to find that secret passage way to Link's girlfriend's bedroom.

Those people obviously still exist, but the vast majority of gamers only play a couple of times a week, only buy a few games, and can't be arsed whether their video games have ray-tracing or not.

So, if the definition of gamer has changed, that means that the definition, and thus direction, of gaming has changed.

Deal with it.

And kindly refrain from spamming the same comment in different threads.
This is where the public wants gaming to go.