Kotaku: LittleBigPlanet 2 Does a Good Job of Babysitting with this Game Boy Remake

Kotaku: "Drive up the volume for this user-created level from LittleBigPlanet 2, an homage to World 1-1 from Super Mario Land on the Game Boy. Creator Junkvxxl loaded the level three days ago; it became a developer favorite two days ago; it's been played more than 36,000 times in that span."

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Treezy5042775d ago

Only in Little Big Planet can you make your imagination come to life. This is just another awesome piece of work in the LBP universe.

Welshy2775d ago

100% agree.

easily the most entertaining, innovative and fun game of recent history.

imo deserves to be up there with all this old classics. il look back in 10-15 years time and this will be one of the standouts in a period filled will generic brown fps games

RXL2775d ago

gtfoh with this awesome stuff...wth CAN'T lbp 2 do?..

NaiNaiNai2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

be sued for copy right apparently. j/k

But none the less, great game. :D I need to pick this up next check. There was a reason LBP1 was my favorite game this gen, and I hope this can do the same for me.

DeadlyFire2775d ago

Only if sold NaiNaiNai. Created material that is sold that is already on the market could be sued for. You can create anything you want and release it for free. IF you try and cash in on a licensed property though that is another story.

NaiNaiNai2775d ago


Wrong there buddy, go look at the copy right issues in japan over some of there anime.

If you even so much as make a copy of the character face on your deviant page, you're infringing copy right laws.

swishersweets200312775d ago

mario for the gameboy was so beast back then. I liked it better than its NES version

BubbleSniper2775d ago

dunno man

while i liked mario for gameboy...

very hard to top mario bros. 3

mario bros. 3 still my fav mario of all time

it spawn so many new an memorable enemy that still ca

rry over to new games in franchise up to this day

swishersweets200312775d ago

i ment the normal mario.

3 is good yes.

telekineticmantis2775d ago

The people who create in this game are ridiculously talented. LBP2 is probably the funnest game of all time. I can't argue with someone if they call it the greatest game of alltime honestly. If I was to give out any system to 1 thousand random people in the world and I could only give them one game, it would be a PS3 with Little Big Planet, it's like a 99% chance regardless of what they like,they will like the game. Even if they don't like games they can enjoy it because people have made some funny short films on there too.

Has anybody here played the levels where people have created great original games with gameplay mechanics that weren't even in the game to start with? It blows my mind, I'm like "How in the world did they do this?" I'm now starting to see, in some cases, it's like a platform for indie developer like gamers.

Dsnyder2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Man I need to actually buy LBP2. I rented it and loved it at first but I got frustrated because no one would play my levels :( But this is a great creation. I wish we could customize the score to look more like the game's art style but that is a small complaint. Great level. Truly impressive.

EDIT @6 yeah thats kotaku for ya.

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