Cooler Master Spawn Gaming Mouse Review

The world of gaming peripherals is filled with an abundance of choice for potential consumers but weeding through the marketing mumbo jumbo associated with many products is a daunting proposition. While there are plenty of products out there for people who wouldn't consider themselves competitive gamers, many other keyboards, mice and even headphones cater to very specific portions of the gaming market.

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ATiElite3716d ago

Sure some may see this article and the "PC Gaming is So Expensive" post will fly but this is one very nice Gaming mouse. Sure $50 is steep but i think this one is worth it.

I love the color and 7 button function which allows me to keep my slow fingers on WASD while i can reload, quick scope, fire, switch weapons, melee, Use, map view, inventory view, and what ever else all with my mouse.

gonna pick this up! just wish i could find it for $35

SuicideShaun3716d ago

I bought the mamba for $130.

ATiElite3716d ago

That's too extreme for me! What does a $130 mouse get you! Seriously what's something that mouse does that no other mouse can do.

I know there is one mouse i think from Thermaltake that has the adjustable weights.

SuicideShaun3716d ago

Yeah I know, it was a stupid purchase. At the time I was just so bent up about myself always trying to save money, that I splurged a little I guess.

Drjft3716d ago

I've got an $80 Razer Imperator and $60 Razer Ironclad.

Sure, they sent it to me for free, but when you want to play at your best, these products really are the greatest.

The time old saying applies; "You get what you pay for".

HavenOfFear3716d ago

I wish I had known about this earlier. Just bought the Logitech MX 518 which is a great mouse. I'll suggest this mouse to a friend and hopefully, he'll get it and I can test it out for myself. I'd eventually like to get something along the lines of a g9x.

ATiElite3716d ago

I like the Mx 518 that's a great mouse.

I wasn't comfy with the G9X. The thumb buttons just were not working for me. I kept hitting both at the same time.

Once i get my overly washed hands on the Spawn I'll let you know how it is.

Xristo3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

The spawn looks nice for the price...

I have had the G9 for almost two years now and it's done fine. The buttons on the side are nice but my only complaint is that the two extra buttons on top are almost useless to me. Nice for switching sensitivity but for gaming purposes I could never get used to them, so I never use them. :(

Has anybody here ever used a Razor Naga MMOG mouse?

I was thinking about trying one, if I ever retire this G9. I don't MMO as much as I use to but all those buttons would seem nice to have at your disposal for any game.

Mutley4163716d ago

Mx 518 is still the best mouse on the planet...for the money...i want a badass new mouse...but my Mx is still solid and dependable. The Razer`s do look sick...