Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles delayed into 2008?

Nintendo's recent release schedule for late 2007 and early 2008 includes nearly every announced Wii game except for one: Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles. Does its exclusion from this list mean it has been delayed into 2008? The possibility is very likely.

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PS360WII4488d ago

grr. That's unfortunate but I have to put on my delay hat and say it's all for making the game better... but still grrr or maybe awww yeah that's better awww :(

SwiderMan4488d ago

This seems like more than a rumor if you ask me. There's no other reason Nintendo would leave it off of the list.

chasegamez4488d ago

right right lol
ps3 rules

felman874488d ago

And I thought PS3 had a bad habit of delaying games....ok, it does...but still. first Mass Effect gets delayed until November (it was supposed to be out in June) now smash and this.

Bolts4488d ago

I guess the Wii must be hard to program for.