Why Does Everyone Go Nuts Over Jade Raymond?

First things first: Assassin's Creed seems like it's going to be a solid game. It looks great, it does some genuinely interesting things with the Prince Of Persia / Metal Gear Solid concepts and OK, it had a miserable showing at E3 but who didn't, and more importantly it has the voice of the girl from Veronica Mars in it. Sounds good to me.

Note the cropped out team members who must be so pleased with how much recognition they're getting for their efforts.

But why do Ubi Soft insist on coating its producer, Jade Raymond, all over it, and why are people unquestioniably not just accepting it but magnifying her importance?

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4491d ago

Because she is beauty incarnated which no one here can get her.

JsonHenry4491d ago

I have banged chics as hot her before.. but they were NOT rich, they were not in the gaming biz, and they were NOT somewhat famous.

That is why I go "nuts" over her.

Assassin4hire4491d ago

Very simple poll

Would you give it to Jade Raymond?
A - Yes
B - No

fenderputty4491d ago

hit the nail on the head. It's not that she's hot. Don't get me wrong, she's pretty hot but, it's the fact that she in an industry that we all love. She has power, money, sex appeal and makes/plays video games.

Real Gambler4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

She has a very dangerous job. She gives 20 minutes interviews, answering questions one after the other and never ever made any big blunders. Remember, in this field, you can talk for 20 minutes about something, yet the next day, the main title will be that 10 words comment you did let go about other games, console, or bug. Suddenly, the other 19 minutes of the interview won't count at all....

I would hire her right away to promote any products. She's still look exited about the game, even if by this time, everybody would be tired of talking about it. She'll talk for 20 minutes, get everybody going, and yet gave just enough information without ever putting her feet in her mouth. She doesn't trash other games, other devs, etc. Basically, she's doing a great job.

Sure, many people worked on the game, but you need only one to talk about it, and she's doing a great job. But yes, sure enough, I would rather look at her than Gabe Newell : )

Another best example: The other spokeperson for Assassin's Creed is Patrice Desilet. He gave another interview recently about the game. There's now a big debate about the fact that the Xbox has a DVD and PS3 memory is not flexible. NOBODY talk about the game. Nobody knows what he was talking about. Nobody in the comments talk about Assassin's Creed. Let me guess, next time, will they send Patrice or Jade for the next interview????

I'm sorry, she's beautiful, but she also get the job done wisely. I'm sure many devs would like to get her as a spokeperson.

neogeo4491d ago

I herd her feet stink really bad!
thats a no go for me.

Real Gambler4490d ago

But sadly, it's quite possible. Remember, quite often, those people attend 3 days game shows, where they have to stand up most day, 16 hours in a row. This is tough on footwear, so you may be right... I also bet you that her toes are quite often blistered. It's not such an easy job as it may look : )

green_ghost54490d ago

She isn't rich, at least not yet, anyways. she's okayish.
her giggling gets annoying really fast though.

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yocdub4491d ago

I think its cause she has Boobs & a Vagina.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4491d ago

It's pretty obvious it has to do with her personal appeal. That's all.

Blood_Spiller4491d ago

Damn you people are shallow, I go nuts over her because I find her interviews to be intellectually stimulating. OK, I lied, I just think she's hot.

Icecold334491d ago

For me it's her ability to complete assassin's creed with a joystick and never use her hands. Please, Please, Play it again!

Bloodmask4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

to get so excited over a woman that you will most likely never meet. While I will admit she is attractive I mean it just as a compliment.

Overall this kind of behavior is just a sign of immaturity from people that most likely can't meet women or have never had physical contact with a woman in general.

sagapo4491d ago

so, you're gay? right?

harpua4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

"Overall this kind of behavior is just a sign of immaturity from people"

so you take the high road here but if this was a thread about PS3 BC you'd be posting immature fan boy comments.

Bloodmask4491d ago

I don't know what you are talking about "taking the high road". But I have been in a long-term relationship for quite some time. And I have actually learned to "repect" women. I don't think it that hard not to act like a blubbering idiot salivating over a womans breasts..etc..etc.

Is that the kind of behavior that you think women prefer?? Not really.

And in regards to making "fanboy" type comments. I usually try to base my arguments off of facts. Not "360 RULEZ" or "HAHHHHHhhahah". Do you see the difference???

cypher_21a4491d ago

C'mon we are supposed to go gaga over her. At least that is what PR/Marketing team want. I work in a marketing dept. We pimp good looking people to represent and sell our product. This is business. If Ubi's market research showed they could sell sell another few thousand units if they pimped their wares with a hot babe, so be it. Hopefully their research shows that she now needs to come out in a bikini... j/k.. but seriously a thong would be great.

The Real Joker4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

I would say I agree with just about everything he said....well except I would love to go balls deep and white wash her colon.

Bolts4491d ago

People who make this kind of statement are probably two things.

1. Already in love in a sickening way and they pitty everyone else who isn't.
2. Gay.

I'm leaning toward number 2 for the OP.

SofaKingReetodded4490d ago

but were talking women not long term relationships with shemales bloodthong.

PopEmUp4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

I bet this guys is gay come on who would not want to bang a cute girl, I mean why wouldn't you?

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