Pirates strike again: A nightmare on Microsoft's Xbox 360 street in India

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum… and you shall remember this day as the time when Bungie saw its 3 glorious years of hard work gone down the drain when hacked copies of its successful franchise is floating around countries like India, Pakistan, China, Brazil and the rest of the developing nations.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4026d ago

This is funny because Halo 3 was cracked a day before release date :)) Check torrents.

secret4026d ago

If we wanted those games, we'd buy a xbox360, you fool. Clearly, we don't care for those games.

I'll just go and make a random assertion here. MULTIPLE DISCS WILL NOT RELIEVE XBOX360's problems. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Take the PS2. Now, try to put Gears of War on one hundred discs and fill them up completely. Or take the Nintendo Wii and try to port Grand Turismo 5 and Heavenly Sword or Killzone or Motorstorm on 10000000 discs.

I can assure you that because of the weak architecture in those systems, no matter how many discs you use, the graphics will never be next gen as Motorstorm. You can try to port Motorstorm to the Nintendo Wii on 1000000 discs. But the graphics will not look idential to the PS3 version.

Why? The architecture of the PS3 is future geneneration. It's not just about storage capacity. It's about the Cell and how it works together with everything else on the PS3.

You people talk just putting Assasin's Creed on mutliple discs. Storage capacity isn't your only problem, otherwise, we wouldn't need next gen consoles.

And you want to know how it feels to be a PS3 today so far with multiports? Here is how we feel. Now imagine this. Microsoft released a HD-DVD drive that allows the xbox 360 to play HD-DVD games rather than just watching movies. Now get this. Because the number of people who own the HD-DVD add-on for gaming is initially going to be smaller compared to those who own the current DVD only console, most developers will only want to focus on making games for the DVD version.

Imagine if you bought the HD-DVD drive and found out that MASS EFFECT for the HD-DVD version will be identical to the DVD version because more xbox360 owners at the moment have the DVD only console rather than the HD-DVD enabled console.

You'd be pissed. And that's how we feel with every multiport that involves you guys. If you can't hang on the fast lane, we suggest you get off the freeway or join the Nintendo Wii in the slow lane. You're blocking our way. GET OFF THE FAST LANE, YOU HUNK OF JUNK...!!!

ps1h1ch4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

no game for 360 was "cracked" it was only copyed (and putted on torrents)

No unauthorized code can run on x360 couse it still aint cracked.


Look at the latest half life orange box. It's 5 games on dual layer dvd with more than 30 hours for experienced gamer of singleplayer + good multiplayer game (Team Fortress 2)

That's just one of example how much can be fitted on DL-DVD.

STEFAN05204026d ago

This sucks for any game developer who put in soo much hard work for them to see this happen. Piece of $hit third world countries.

BulletToothtony4026d ago

so don't let one of the news blind your view of the rest of the beautiful world out there

Nuch Vader4026d ago

Physical disc make it to the streets in third world countries and there's not much stopping them from selling bootlegs.

Richdad4026d ago

I dont see how Halo 3 disk come up, because Microsoft has done a lot of raids in Indian Grey markets that no shopkeeper was daring to keep 360 games or mod a 360. But on the other hand PS2's copied disk are so well available that you can get almost any PS2 game at price lower than a coke. But no one complained abt it then or even now.

TheGamer4026d ago

This probably didnt suck for Bungie because they didnt put any HARD WORK in this game. If they did we would be seeing atleast a 720p game!!!!

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Charlie26884026d ago

I think that until the hackers can perfection the mod firmware so it allows you to play in Live the 360s piracy level will not fly off the roof like the PS2 did cuz surprisingly a LOT of people I know that could mod their 360 for copies have preferred to save money to buy a single game once in a while ONLY cuz they could play it on Live

Its funny that the problem with the Live banning is not about an Illegal firmware but about MS detecting abnormal game DVDs on the driver as reported buy the hacker that creates the mod firmwares

MikeGdaGod4026d ago

we got a way around that.............

MikeGdaGod4026d ago

he went out and sold a few copies to people that were waiting in line for it on launch day.

Icecold334026d ago

One of the biggest mistake amateurs make is running their mouths after doing something. You pretty much just told the world that you committed a felony. Maybe MS will see you as just another liar (Hopefully for your sake they do.) If they believe your statement, they can easily track you down even through the exception security of the N4G database (Humor) and make a PUBLIC example of you.

So, go on, keep bragging. It'll eventually come back and bite you in your A$$.

risk4026d ago


LOL i havent had a better laugh today. You honestly think a company is going to acctually have proof of him doing anything? the case would go to court (lol if it did) and get thrown out in 30 seconds the proof is hear say they dont have REAL EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT. and he can counter-suite and get his legal bills paid + some extra cash. now whats a better choice.. letting him go or spending money on a useless cause? i thought so.

FunnyBone4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

"yeah my buddy had Halo bootlegged days before it came out..
He went out and sold the game to people standing in line..."

To bad they cant play it unless they have there DvD FW flashed which most people standing in line wouldn't ....Their might be piracy on the 360 but you need to know what your doing Hardware wise to get the hack going....Its not as simple as burning a game then WOW it will work on all consoles....

" goodganja44 " I can burn a copy of Halo 3 right now and be able to play it on 10 different XBox 360's granted if they work.

You Sir are also full of shat...First you would need an xbox 360(Which by the post you make YOU DONT) or sh-d162 dvd rom drive to even make a backup and second Read above "You cant just burn the game and all of a sudden it works on these 10 consoles you speak of.....I cant stop you but I can advise you to STFU if you dont know anything about what you are saying...Wow if you had some decent PS3 games to play you wouldnt be in here running your mouth...Go on SonyGirls go play your bad ass games...I wish Sony would start releasing some decent games so all you Jacks have something better to do....

I know i am here now but not for long..I have decent games to play...

MikeGdaGod4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

LOL!!! do you think i care? i don't even have my 360 anymore. what are they gonna do, quote my comments on N4G as proof? LOL!!!

what MS needs to do is close the backdoor that they put in there in the first place. MS does this with everyproduct they have (PC's, OS's, consoles). its not my fault my buddies know how to use the tools MS put out there against them.

i applaud my guys for seeing the loop-hole and expoiting it. maybe then MS will care enough about their products to protect them. but until then.......................... ..........

$10 Halo3's FOR EVERYBODY!!! HURRAY!!!!!!



i agree with you 100% with some of your post. no, you can't just burn the games and play them with no problems, especially if you want to play it online. there's alot more that goes on with the hacks.

i personally don't know exactlly how it's done because i don't do it myself. i just know someone that can, and he does it extremelly well. he also knows how to repair the system if it gets the RRoD.

i agree that probably most of the people that bought the game from him didn't realize that even if their 360 was modded, it might not work because you have to have a certain mod to get the games to play right especially online. but that's their problem.

it's like if you tried to buy weed and it turned out to be oregano. what are you going to do, go to the police and tell them you tried to buy weed and they gave you fake bud? no, you take it as a lost and try to be more careful the next time. i'm sure for the poeple that got the game from him, if it did work for them, they're happy and saved $60. if it didn't, maybe they won't try to buy bootlegged games. live n learn

as for the part i don't agree with..........

ps3 has plenty of games, hince me getting rid of my 360. i would go through the list but i'm sure you're aware and was just trying to hurt my feelings :(

Wii60_FTW4026d ago

you're a stupid, lying, sak o sh1t. stfu.

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nevelo074026d ago

actually they didnt work hard they jsut made the same game with updated graphics. bring on killzone 2 and unreal.

Snukadaman4026d ago

you contribute nothing in your posts...just mindless drivel...and like I said in the last idiotic post you did you look older then 12...why dont you grow up kid.

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