Metal Gear Solid: Rising - Preview -

The year is 2009 and the Los Angeles E3 is underway. Somewhat unexpectedly at presentation Microsoft discovers the legendary creator Hideo Kojima. He talks here about the new title - no, Solid Snake. After running the first trailer.

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news4geeks3620d ago

Still no word of move support. I can't imagine a better game for it.

GodofwarGoty3620d ago

i am sure we might here a annouce about move support since it fits it alot like if you rememeber from when they showed him cutting the watermelons and the enemies it would be a big shock if it didnt have it

JohnnyHalo3620d ago

Lol! if this game has move support, it will fail epically. (Not that it probably wouldnt without it)

Just saying.
Besides, it's going to be on the 360 as well and how are they gonna implement move on to the xbox? Unless we get Kinect which would then actually seem interesting.

news4geeks3620d ago

What are you talking about... implementing move on the xbox...? Can kinect even do 3rd person games that are not on the rails? is kinect even accurate enough to control a blade to pin point accuracy? I highly doubt it on both charges.

HeavenlySnipes3620d ago

can have Move support and have nothing for the Xbox side. Like NBA 2k11. It makes sense for the Move to be incorporated.

Watch the old demo videos of the PS Move with the sword fighting stuff.

showtimefolks3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

so you leave a comment like this than sign in with your different account to keep it rolling


it will have move support along with kojima showing up at sony's conference for a huge surprise E3 can't get here soon enough

maybe on a smaller nore MGS:PW will be ported over to NGP/ps3 with dual stick controls and stuff??

Ace_Pheonix3620d ago

You have one bubble, your name is Johnny'Halo' and you still come here and comment as if anyone is going to take anything you say seriously? 1) They can implement Move in a PS3 game without any need to implement anything into another platforms game. 2) Did you really just say Metal Gear, METAL ####ING GEAR is going to fail because of MOVE support?!? and 3) Then go on to say "Oh, but if Kinect is supported that would be cool"? You are the biggest troll I have ever come across and you will die sad and alone clutching your meager handful of games and your RRODed console. Just make sure you hold your head up high and spit on anyone in complete arrogance on your way out.

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DangerTick3620d ago

No need for this garbage since Ninja Gaiden 3 is coming out and that game will likely have Move support. I'd rather wait for a REAL MGS game.

BiggCMan3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I wouldn't call this game garbage, and this is coming from the biggest Metal Gear fan out there. While I am disappointed in the path they are taking, I will still play it to see what it's like, and to see the story. I agree in saying it's not a real MGS game though, i'm sorry if others don't feel that way but that is not what Rising is.

Finger-Eater3620d ago

I just hope there is a little bit of stealth. If its got Metal Gear Solid in its name it should have stealth gameplay.

HeavenlySnipes3620d ago

I think it should be called Metal Gear Rising. Why include the Solid part if no Snake clones are part of the game? It won't be story riven and its an action game. There is no need to call it a Metal Gear Solid.

Ace_Pheonix3620d ago

Though I do agree with you, no one has said anything about any of Big Bosses genes not playing a part in this title. However it was never called Solid due to the character roster in the first place, it was due to it being in 3 dimensions

Stempel3620d ago

It's been said several times that "Solid" stands for the graphic jump from the original saga to MGS on PS1.

Eamon3619d ago

Yeah, Kojima has constantly repeated that the "Solid" part of the title stands for the game becoming from 2D to 3D in the PS1 era.

And it's a bit hasty to trash on this game when we've hardly seen anything.
It's being made by Kojima Productions and that's good enough to know it won't suck.

But we all know that because it's not exclusive to a Sony console the fanboys will hate on it anyway.

TheDivine3620d ago

It will have stealth they said you can make it through levels without killing anyone if you want if i remember correctly. Its action obiously but its still based off the mgs universe and fast action looks epic after seing raiden kick a** in mgs4. Call it what you want but i cant freakin wait, never played a bad mgs title raiden or not. Just remember your playing a fast ninja NOT snake. Accept it for what it is and you wont be dissapointed.

gaden_malak3620d ago

I agree. I can't wait for it.

jimbone793619d ago

I also agree. The whole sword slicing thing is very interesting to me. I can't wait to see how far they can take it.

3620d ago
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