NCAA March Madness 08 Hands-On: 360 at 60 FPS/ PS3 at 30 FPS

Thanks to Greg Oden's season-ending knee injury, one battle between March Madness 08 and College Hoops 2K8 has already been settled: Kevin Durant was the better choice for cover athlete. Of course, the real contest takes place on the court. EA gave Gamespot some hands-on time with March Madness 08 to see how the game is shaping up for its sophomore season on the current generation.

Anyone who played last year's Xbox 360 game will remember that the frame rate was a serious issue, which legitimately hurt how the game played. That doesn't look like it will be a problem this year--the game is running at 60 frames per second on the 360. PlayStation 3 owners will have to make do with 30 frames per second, but EA promises it will be nice and smooth, which is what matters anyway. To further enhance the presentation and add to the game's already great college atmosphere, 25 more authentic arenas have been added, giving the game more than 50 true-to-life stadiums.

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Wow EA is really a bunch of lazy @sshole, good thing i dont really like any of their games, for basketball i prefer 2k and soccer i like pro soccer a lot better. But i can see how ps3 owners will get piss off because all EA games including Madden sucks ass in ps3, but i personally dont give a sh!t about madden probably because i was born in a country where football actually means soccer.

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EA not trying to make the best game possible for every system doesnt surprise me at all...EA is MS loyalist now and is basically trying to F*** sony but whatever i dont buy their games anymore anyways so 2k Do what you do!!!

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