Inside the Mind of Uwe Boll: "Halo" Not Emotional, "GTA" Old-Fashioned

He's possibly the most hated man in gaming. But love him or hate him, video game movie director Uwe Boll is here to stay.

MTV: If you could choose any license, regardless of if it's already been done, what video game movies would you love to make?

Boll: I definitely like "Metal Gear Solid," and I like "World of Warcraft." I've always liked "Hitman" and "Silent Hill," but they got turned into movies now already, so forget that. The thing is, people approach me with "Manhunt" for example, and right now I had a talk about "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." so it depends… For example, "Grand Theft Auto" I think is a great game, but it's also a little old-fashioned now, and the question is "Do we already have movies like this?" So even though it's a fun game and original, we need to question what would you gain if you made a movie out of it. Like with "Halo," it's a sensational game, but I don't think that the materials are perfect to make a movie. It could be very technical but not necessarily an emotionally-grabbing movie, and I think it's always important to have lead characters you can go with through a story. Like Jack Carver in "Far Cry" is a funny guy but he is also tough; he's a little like a Bruce Willis type so you want to follow him. You want to know if he's surviving the adventure. Did he have success or not? And I don't think that in "Halo" a character like this really exists.

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shodown194488d ago

Uwe Boll is not the most hated man in gaming. Jack Thompson has him beat by a long shot.

RadientFlux4488d ago

Amusing... espically since Jack Carver is as generic as it comes. You know how many tv series/movies/games have a Bruce Willis type hero in them.

fopums4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

boll.....just stop.

you cant say anything about character becuase you want to fight your critics XDXDXD

this poor guy is a living parody, like mike tyson and Micheal Jackson, but at least they were famous at one point

[email protected]

Yup, Bloodrayne, alone in the of the dead...thinks thats all the game movies up until now...and we all know how those turned out

snoop_dizzle4488d ago

wait he made..... oh yeah bloodrayne right?

Azures4488d ago

This guy is the Gabe Newell of bad movies.

VirusE4488d ago

At least Gabe has a quality product under his belt....

Evil A Sulli4488d ago

You can add Mushy stuff and Humor to any movie (Transformers,Tombraider)even if it doesn't go alone with what the original theme was.

Finding Master chiefs role looks like its the hard part in making this Halo Movie work.

The only way I see it to work is if they were to set him up like the terminator(programmed to protect and follow) with a tad bit more one liners that aren't all jokes.

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The story is too old to be commented.