Ratchet and Clank Future: Gold Disk Hands-On

As many games have slipped from the Playstation 3's Holiday release lineup, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction has become an increasingly important title for Sony.

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Real gamer 4 life4489d ago

i am really looking forward to this game, i cant wait. the graphic is super nice. he describe the graphic looks like it was rip up straight from a pixar movie.

Hatchetforce4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

Micrososft promised Toy Story graphics but now it is Sony that has stepped up to actually deliver them. The demo is amazing.

EDIT: Ohh two disagrees. What's the matter sissy boys, the truth about that Toy Story graphic business hurts doesn't it.

Adamalicious4489d ago

Played the demo last night. It was actually a little overwhelming how amazing it looked - really brings you into the game even more.

As far as the constant comparisons to Pixar - this game is beautiful, but no game even comes close to "Pixar quality" graphics yet.

Marceles4489d ago

Yeah the game looks really really good. I doubt any game will achieve "Pixar" graphics anytime soon, but the game looked better than I imagined and surprisingly..the Pixar comparison wasn't too much of an overexaggeration. I can't wait to see another level besides the city level, but I'm glad they're not spoiling much of the game and keeping it under wraps

snoop_dizzle4489d ago

I got that one about a month ago and the graphics were great, but they didn't look like they were pixar graphics like i saw in the trailers.

However being that it was a while ago they probably improved the graphics so it might even look better.

Either way i like the R&C series so i cant wait. :)

Adamalicious4489d ago

I don't know for absolute fact since I don't have the disc, but I'm pretty sure they are exactly the same. It's just the very beginning of the game - Quark calls Ratchet for help and they hurry over while Metropolis is being torn apart looking for Ratchet. If that's what the disc one is like, then yes, it's the same.

Italianstallion4489d ago

I have played the demo of the game on the disk you can get from eb/gamestop as well as the downloaded demo from the psn. They are pretty similar but there are some differences that I noticed right away. If i remember correctly, you jumped right into the demo on the disk version while there is a menu to add subtitles right away on the downloaded version. The graphics to me at least look a little sharped on the downloaded version as well as no screen tearing. One obvious bug that got fixed was when the fish fall to the ground (after killing the bigger robots) they do not become bugged and get stuck in the ground. Also, the part where you use the six-axis to steer ratchet in the air seems more responsive in the downloaded version. One other major thing was that the difficulty has increased from the demo disk version to the download version with some additional guys added in. One other minor thing I noticed, is on one of the parts where you land from using one of those jumper pad things, a tall four legged robot is on the same platform as you for about 2-3 seconds, which I never recall happening in the demo disk version.

snoop_dizzle4489d ago

i might as well just try the downlaodable one as well. Thanks for the info.

Violater4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

Art Direction aside they look pretty damn comparable to me.
I was Amazed when playing the demo yesterday the level of detail and the quality of the textures.
There was just sooo much going on at once my eye was just all over the place.

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funkysolo4489d ago

The graphics are top notch 720p60fps. The audio is great, you can hear distant sounds all around, very impressive indeed. I have never played a RnC before, but I'm definitely geting this game, loads of fun

Adamalicious4489d ago

If you have time you should check out the first 3 as well. They are fantastic.

Cat4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

yeah, you should definitely pick up the others; they're really great games.

@Leg-End: Deadlocked was really a filler game to tide us over, and it served it's purpose. You right in that it isn't the real R&C experience, or what made the games great.

Leg-End4489d ago

its the best but stay away from number 4
ouch they messed that one up imo

AngryHippo4489d ago, played through the demo twice today. I love the disco ball grenade thing......its great. The graphics are pretty damn nice too, i hope this game is of a good length. Insomniac do make excellent games, props go to them for doing a great job on the PS3, lets hope Sony values all their great work.

PlayStation3604489d ago

that the game length is roughly between 14-16 hours. Not too shabby if you ask me.

time2die4489d ago

I downloaded it of the american playstation store but it had no sound with it.

So the demo itself seemed fine but i deleted it because of the no sound problem.

Dont know if this a new ploy or something to stop us using usa accounts here in the uk where we basically get screwed and have to wait ages for anything.

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