More Q4 Wii games than 360, PS3 combined

U.K.-based analyst Screen Digest says game-makers are flooding the Wii with an abundance of games this holiday, more so than Xbox 360 and PS3.


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sonarus4115d ago

yea but most of em suck only mario galaxy would br worth anyones time this yr

CyberSentinel4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Even Nintendo isn't immune to trying to cash in on Wii's success by porting gameboy games to the Wii at a premium price for "easy money".

Big Brain Academy:

You know what they say, throw enough sh!t at the wall, something will stick.

BrianC62344114d ago

The latest issue of EGM has an article on how the Wii and DS have become the gaming consoles of crap. They're right. Nintendo doesn't care about quality anymore. Just quantity. It's a great article if anyone hasn't read it yet. It's the November issue. They talk about how anyone can get a game approved by Nintendo while Sony and Microsoft are much tougher. They actually don't want their gamers ripped off by a lot of bad games.

unsunghero284114d ago

Huh? So 7's on a Wii game is a bad omen for the entire console? Please explain how with Lair and Blue Dragon the PS3 and 360 haven't already wrought destruction on the fact of the earth?


Oh, sorry, I was busy watching Brawl and Galaxy videos.

resistance1004115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

The only problem is the wii only has one top game coming out i.e. SMG.

Other than that its not worth looking at.

Sure the 360/ps3 have fewer games coming out, but a heck of a lot more top games coming out.

Remember folks Quailty > Quantity

unsunghero284114d ago

Battalion Wars 2
Manhunt 2
Raving Rabbids 2
MOH Heroes 2 (LOL lotta 2's)
Fire Emblem

Sorry, but just because you don't know of any Wii games doesn't mean that there aren't any coming out. That's like saying the 360 only has Mass Effect or the PS3 only has Uncharted- it's just not a fair look.

LeonSKennedy4Life4114d ago

But which one of those looks...good?

You have SSBB, SMG, Mario Kart Wii, and...


Does it have any games of substance?

I guess No More Heroes looks good...but at the same time...I wouldn't put any money on it.

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Dlacy13g4115d ago

I mean, in terms of holiday software have to wonder who will win out? Nintendo has the most consoles out but I do believe they have the worst attach rate for games outside of Wii Sports and Wii play (both are bundled software anyway)

And will 3rd partys continue to pound these cheap games into the market or will they slowly peel back as they did with the Gamecube?

ChickeyCantor4115d ago

" I do believe they have the worst attach rate for games outside of Wii Sports and Wii play (both are bundled software anyway)"

you do believe?
show facts.

Bunnyslippers4115d ago

...but I guess most of these Wii-games are "virual console" games. IMO those aren't real Wii games.

For me there are only 2 must-have games on the Wii: Corruption and Galaxy. Most games on the Wii are just filler and not worth buying.

PS360WII4115d ago

no those are just game games. If counting the VC it would be a whole lot more.

unsunghero284114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Never trust someone to give a valid opinion if they "didn't bother to read the article."

Or should I just say never trust 3/4 of the people on N4G?

PS360WII4115d ago

How do you think Sony did so well with PS1 and PS2? They flooded the system with games. A whole lot of them crap, good chunk alright, and a small crop of greatness. Now the Wii and DS are implementing it and you guys say how dumb it is.... uh-huh

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