Call of Duty 4 Hands On (PS3 and Xbox 360 version)

The AT&T Blue Room has posted a hands on preview of the console versions of Call of Duty 4. While they prefer the PC version o the game it does look like console owners are in for a fantastic game when the game is released in November

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scrillakiller4480d ago

ill be getting this day one for my ps3

4480d ago
ATLRoAcH4480d ago

Call of Duty 4 is on the right track making the game good on both consoles instead of one.

JsonHenry4479d ago

I played the PC demo of this game and it totally kicks ass. But I will probably get this for the 360 because all of my friends play on the 360. Those cheap bastards are too tight to build a real gaming rig, so sometimes I settle for gameplay on the inferior consoles I own.

anh_duong4479d ago

i heard that the blade of grass on the ps3 has a nicer hue than the blade of grass on the xbox versions.

but then again i heard the xbox 360 loads up 0.000452 millisecond faster than the ps3 versions.

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ceedubya94480d ago

Both console versions will be good to go and nearly identical, so everyone should be happy.

jiggyjay4480d ago

Except those PS3 fans who bought their console $600 to play crap games!

Taker_1294480d ago

yeah and for the 360 owners that paid $400 for 640p. Not even HD they would have been better off with an xbox.

jiggyjay4480d ago

yeah and for those owners of POS 3 console who paid $600 for a 3 hour game(HS)that my dog can play cuz it was so easy! Freak for $670 I can get a whole day with a hooker!!

khellendros14480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Actually PS3 owners paid $600 for a system that doesn't have a 33% fail rate, has a disc drive that can hold all the new games coming out for it, HDMI 1.3, WiFi, and a hard dive that they can switch out at their leisure.

gerrard4480d ago

and dont forget built in bluray as well LOL

secret4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Don't forget the built in PS2, PS1, PSN, and XBOX360.

Don't forget the PS3 comes with a free xbox360 without the internet fees and RROD. Yes, most games worth buying on the xbox360 are ported to the PS3 or are available on the PC computer like Halo, Gears, and Bioshock are.

All xbox360 owners paid for is the fake reviews amd smoke & mirrors. By the end of this console generation, xbots will have paid for a standlaone bluray player (most likely a PS3) and / or HD-DVD drive (no movies and poor video quality), and internet fees so high that even if they didn't buy a PS3, the internet fees are already equal to one PS3. They're just so stupid.

No wonder they like Gears and Hillary Clinton doesn't.

I'm confident to say that most PS3 owners have a higher Grand Point Average than XBOTS.

XBOTS, why is 2x4 and 4x2 the same? The answer is 8, but explain why both result in 8.

It's a fact that xbots play Gears more than they do homework. That's why they think the xbox is really good. But if they can't pass Algebra class, you shouldn't be taking advice from them. Taking advice from dumb or poor people will only make you dumb or poor like them. Don't do that to yourself.

DG4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Thats an expensive hooker.

Try this one save your money and you could still buy a PS3 record her on blue ray and watch it in HD ...

PopEmUp4479d ago

I wonder if they (x-box fanboys)can do specialist or method math cause I think they go crazy just for a formula on the sample page

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popup4480d ago

If the consoles are anything like the owners above, I can see why.

boodybandit4480d ago

I am clinging to hope that the comments above are from very young owners. I don't think I would have too much faith left in humanity if they were proven to be adults ;-)

joking aside it really is sad that nearly every article has to be drug into the mud by trolls and fanboys.

back to topic:
COD4 literally might be the first game that I purchase for both systems. That way I can play with my friends that have one or the other. That and the people I met online while gamign on both systems because most of my real life friends are like me and don't limit themselves to any one system.


I highly doubt there identical. Game Daily specifically stated that the Ps3 version had better textures, better lighting and resolution. Because both versions were in different rooms in this preview(xbox version in a small room)this journolist probably couldnt get an accurate comparison.

funkysolo4480d ago

COD4 looks better on PS3, but when they review it they won't take off any points of the 360 or say anything about comparisons. It seem like they only bring up comparisons when the 360 has an edge. It doesn't matter which version is better, multiplatform games are the same and will have the same experiance and you wouldn't know which version is better once you playing it. I do hate comparisons, especially when it's minimal to nonexsist.

karlostomy4480d ago

Ok Fanboys i am a bit of an xbot.
DOn't shoot me yet!!

I believe all comparative screenshots that you have been talking about were beta builds of the game. I would WAIT it out until the definitive final builds are released and compared. Otherwise we all sound like overzealous geeks trying to trump each other, don't we?

My guess is they will be completely identical.

And if PS3 multi is better graphically, will that be the FIRST TIME?
lol. about time.

anyways let's wait until it is REviewed. NOT PREviewed.

razer4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

"COD4 looks better on PS3, but when they review it they won't take off any points of the 360 or say anything about comparisons. "

Does saying this stuff make you feel better??

Yes, it's all a big conspiracy in reviews against the PS3 and it's every ones fault but Sony and it's dev's for the reasons the games look and play like sh!t. The typical Sony fanboy is so egotistical that this is the kind of crap they spew and believe.

InMyOpinion4480d ago

Stop trying to justify your console choice as better than someone elses. Are you interested in the game itself or it's graphics? They say both versions have smooth framerates, which in my opinion is a key factor in games. If you are that much of a graphics wh0re go play Crysis, it looks better than any console game.

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Real gamer 4 life4480d ago

i will be picking this one up for ma ps3.