PlayStation Network v2.0 to implement policy changes.

Sony is set to give the PlayStation Network User Agreement an update that will definitely have an impact on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners. The said change will occur on October 30 and will launch PSN v2.0. Most of the updates refer to uploading materials on the online service.

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G4L4482d ago

If this story is a duplicate, please direct me to the original story...

sectionz4482d ago

the headline was totally misleading calling a date for the firmware .. this is alot more accurate and actually pertains to the subject matter.

TheExecutive4482d ago

here comes the user generated content.

EZCheez4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Before this was approved. Even though the source is different, the story is the same. The only problem with the last story was that people thought it was Update 2.0.

That alternate source was also the original source for last night's story.

Besides, this isn't even that interesting. It's the online user agreement for goodness sakes. You know, that thing you just hit X to skip past when you're playing Warhawk and any other online game?

PimpHandHappy4482d ago

u cant take what ur friend has downlaoded and log in with ur PS3 and get it for free? I know a few ppl that did that and was going to but i felt wrong about stealing Tekken5.

i tried to read the email i got the other day from them but it was to late at night and i couldnt comprehend it without getting sleepy.

felman874481d ago

It means the master account is responsible for all activities of the sub-account. Meaning, if your kid buys a game on the sub account, you are responsible for it and can't say stuff like "I didn't know"

CRIMS0N_W0LF4482d ago

I just bought Folkore.

I can make a dungeon and upload it. I want to make a dungeon of Valleta or Mdina :)

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The story is too old to be commented.