Has Nintendo broken Mario Kart?

Some Mario Kart purists have started becoming unhappy with the direction of Nintendo's racing series as soon as the karts stopped being karts and started being miniature racing cars.

The last home console instalment, Double Dash, was arguably the worst in the series and we mostly put that down to the fact that it didn't feel like the Mario Kart we know and love.

The colourful GameCube version lost all sensation of carving a perfect corner and clipping centimetres off your racing line. Instead the karts were replaced with massive motors that felt heavy and bulky compared to the SNES and N64 classics.

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djt235589d ago

i dont know what the hell
but i like Mario Kart Double Dash and i am like the new mario kart wii
so they need to stop
i cant with for the bikes

Drano5589d ago (Edited 5589d ago )

Can't wait to see Wario in his Pimpmobile with all the spinners and neons.

Enjoy, Jump Beyond.

thorstein5589d ago

I heard from a self proclaimed "gamer" that it is not a gaming system, even though Manhunt 2 for the Wii will be the best installment simply do to the controls.

And you know Rockstar rocks at these things. All the mario karts have been great. When are they going to poll me?

squallsoft5589d ago

i have nothing against Nintendo as developers or as a company for that matter, but cmon. is this really the direction the public wants gaming to go? there are two truly next-gen systems out there. and both are pushing game-play to the next level, but there is something holding everything back. that something is the Nintendo wii. I'm not saying that the wii is a bad system, but its pumping out graphics on a ps2 level. is this what you all want "next-gen" to be? i mean the wii does have the motion sensing ability and all, but so does the ps3 (without sacrificing raw horsepower). as far as the whole "graphics aren't everything" argument goes, imagine if Nintendo didn't push the visual envelope when going from the NES to the SNES. imagine, if you will, that the SNES was marketed as a SLIGHTLY more powerful NES with a motion sensing controller? would gaming have continued to evolve as it has been doing over the past couple of generations? more than likely NO. don't get me wrong. i love the whole motion sensing thing. It is innovative and fun, but you're telling me that the control scheme is the only thing that should be evolving? it doesn't make sense. a next-gen system should be pushing the envelope in all areas, from controls to graphics. just like the SNES added the L and R buttons and also doubled the graphics power, the wii should be using its motion sensing controls and pushing graphics out on par with the PS3 and 360. the fact that the wii is doing so well means that developers are going to devote more and more time to it and less pushing the graphical envelope on the more powerful systems. lets just all pray that this is a fad and the "next-gen" gaming can really take off on the PS3 and 360 in the near future.

Thanks Nintendo!

Ashira5588d ago

Would I rather play a beautifully FFXIII on PS3 than Metroid Prime 3 on Revolution? No. Why? Because to me, they're both fun and that's all that matters. I couldn't care less if it's very beautiful graphically, because as they say, once you experience it, you get over it. Both the systems have new innovations, new controller and better graphics.
And btw, try to do FPS-like controls such as MP3 on the PS3. Can't be done. If you ask me, the motion sensing on the PS3 is a fad and shouldn't have happened. Either they should use a type of motion that Revolution uses or nothing.

Bottom line: both systems contribute with something.
Btw, I'd rather play a less beautiful game that's longer, takes less time to produce than a very beautiful game that's much shorter and takes longer to produce.

unsunghero285588d ago

So you think the Wii is a threat to the gaming industry?

And at the same time you don't think it's a bad system?


The Wii is just a different form of video game evolution. The other consoles basically provide new experiences through more graphical power whereas the Wii supplies developers and gamers with a genuinely new experience.

I am completely sure that the next generation will be filled with motion sensing and a more "everybody can play" atmosphere- not just with Nintendo, either.

ramblingswede5588d ago

Don't get me wrong. For the most part I really like Nintendo, and I've loved Mario Kart since the SNES, but seeing motorbikes in Kart was one of the most disappointing things I've seen from Nintendo in a long time. I miss the days of simple gokarts with ONE rider. Double dash was alright, but it didn't even come close to the level of Mario Kart or Mario Kart 64.

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