12 Players Online For Mario Kart Wii

According to reports from 1up, Nintendo revealed at their annual Fall Conference in Japan this week that Mario Kart on the Wii is going to support up to 12 player games online. So far, no other Wii game has boasted 12 players online in a single match-up, and hints at a streamlined matchmaking system only raise the anticipation levels for the online game.

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PS360WII4487d ago

that's pretty cool :)

Slowly but surely right?

ItsDubC4487d ago

Good news. I think the upcoming MoH is supposed to have 32-player online matches as well.

ChickeyCantor4487d ago


12 players are freaking awsome >_< if snaking is included it will be one helle of a crazy mtach each time you play online.

djt234487d ago

12 freaking awsome
red shell and blue shell is your friend in this game

ItsDubC4487d ago

lol man, the blue shell pisses me off sometimes.

kalistyles4487d ago

for this game. One of my favorite racing games of all time. Cant wait to smoke all you fools. LOL!

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