Pro-G: Assassin's Creed Hands-on

Assassin's Creed is about as ambitious as it gets. Not because you can go anywhere, as many games claim to do. Not because it's got gorgeous graphics and silky smooth stealthy gameplay either. It's because the developer, Ubisoft Montreal, says that anything that sticks out of a wall more than two inches can be latched on to and used to escape from a mob of 12th century Middle-Eastern guards. Pro-G took a trip to Ubisoft's UK base to sit down with a beta version of the 360 game to find out if that bold claim is true.

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TheExecutive4484d ago

"There's not long to go now - soon we'll all be kicking ourselves when it turns out that Altair is actually on a time travelling mission to abduct historical figures for his high-school history presentation. You heard it here first."

Lol thats too funny.