Pachter: EA deal should pay off

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has told that he believes the deal seeing Electronic Arts buy Pandemic and Bioware, should pay off - although there is some risk.

"If Pandemic and Bioware continue to be as productive in the future as they have been in the past, revenues should easily hit the required level. However, much of their past revenue came from games like Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, and the Star Wars games. The first two franchises are somewhat tired and are PC-centred, while the last one will likely not be licensed by EA going forward."

"It's possible that either Neverwinter Nights or Baldur's Gate can be turned into MMOs, and both would likely do quite well, but neither Pandemic nor Bioware has had success in that area in the past - few have."

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MK_Red4482d ago

$860 million is TOO high and EA will surely milk Pandemic and BioWare franchises to death which is sad and bad. If EA pays that much for something, they'll get every single coin out of it.

RadientFlux4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

I had a bad feeling that Bioware is going to have a mass exodus of talent once Mass Effect has been completed. Which would terrible since it would mean that future Mass Effect titles might have a quality issue.

PimpHandHappy4482d ago

then i wouldnt have a reason to spend 450bucks on an elite! Im waiting on a price drop anyway but it would be nice.

anyway on piont

yea EA is too big for the greater good of games and gamers. I just hope they do justice to PS3 owners and dont just say "we dont have time to learn the system" again!


USMChardcharger4482d ago

Wow...Bioware bought by EA. Has anyone read anything on how the guys at bioware feel about this? Was this a take over, or was Bioware a willing party?

jackdoe4482d ago

Jeez, this guy is just stating the obvious.