Microsoft's Thompson: Our best Xmas line-up ever - MCV's interview

In an interview with MCV, Microsoft's senior regional director for the Northern Europe Entertainment and Devices Division Neil Thompson has said that his company's upcoming Q4 software offering is the best he has ever worked with.

"You never really know what's going to happen in Q4, but I've worked on Xbox since we started the project and this is probably the best Christmas line-up we've ever had from a content perspective," he stated.

"There's a whole range of product coming – the brightest thing for us this year is the breadth of range and the extension of some of our more family-based products." Thompson went on the state that he believes Xbox 360 has been the "innovative force in terms of what a next generation console should look like".

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nobizlikesnowbiz4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

MS is gonna pull further ahead this Xmas. A lot further ahead.

Or I'll eat my shoe.

<ed.> Yea all consoles will sell. But 360 is going to do a lot better than Ps3 this Xmas, IMO. I could be totally wrong. But it's just my opinion.

PS360WII4481d ago

I hope you are wearing a tasty shoe ^^ heh I'm just fooling. No Christmas is really good for all consoles. Sure one system will always sell more than the other but really this time period is when all the consoles and game makers see their best sales.

YoMeViet4481d ago

you should never bet with your health on the line...i hear shoe leather is toxic...

nix4481d ago

but if he fries it properly and garnishes with right mixtures, he might be able to eat it without problem.

Saint Sony4481d ago

Yep. 360 will sell like boobs and beer.
This christmas season will be big for all consoles but 360 might have the biggest sales in the end. We shall see.

nix4481d ago

Thompson went on the state that he believes Xbox 360 has been the “innovative force in terms of what a next generation console should look like”.

LOL! now that cracked me up! 360 and next gen? wow... talk about blind faith. i am guessing he hasn't heard about PS3 or Wii. q:

PS360WII4481d ago

"It is important for us to still offer loyal Xbox customers exactly what they want – so it is important that Halo 3 has just arrived and GTA is coming."

Did he not get the memo that GTA has been delayed out of the christmas schedule?

jackfatal4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

our best line up ever for the xmas!!
but what do they have other than mass effect???
and halo 3 is not for xmas its for summer and Autumn not for xmas!

ps3 UT3,HAZE ratchet,uncharted,folklore,TG5 prologue!


halo 3 is an AAA title and the same goes for Bioshock but they are summers hits not xmas!! that was what i wanted to say!! read my comment properly before posting!!

fredy4481d ago

oh now it's Mass effect?

Every AAA titles that comes out PS3 fanboys jump on the next as theonly game MS has....keep on waiting.

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The story is too old to be commented.