PlayStation Devs get Free Tools

Version 2.0's improvements include building multiple projects in parallel, faster builds, an improved GUI with project view and improved support for asset builds.

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thereapersson4026d ago

Any improvements to the development process of Playstation 3 games are good news any day.

Now if Sony could only provide free upgrades to DualShock 3 controllers, we would be set.

nobizlikesnowbiz4026d ago

So does this mean that devs will know how to do amazing things with the SPU's? Or no...?

Ps3 needs to amaze some people to start getting love. Killzone 2 may come too late.

AllroundGamer4026d ago

have you played Ratchet demo? i repeatedly looked at my PS3 when i played the demo, cause i couldn't believe what i've seen :)

UrbanJabroni4026d ago

Before everyone jumps off on the amazing new games that will be coming out of studios...SN-DBS just builds code, it doesn't optimize and it is really something that IT uses...not developers.

Marty83704026d ago

This dev tool includes a tuner tool, which shows you how too optimize code.