CVG previews Borderlands - Not a bookshop in sight

Trees are so last year. The vegetation of the future is the cactus, the succulent plant best suited to arid climates, barren wastelands and Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic deserts. For proof, you need only look at the games revealed during the last six months: first Bethesda's Fallout 3, then id Software's Rage, and now Gearbox's Borderlands. Road warriors of the world, unite!

But Borderlands can tick more buzzword boxes than just those related to flora. 'Co-operative' is on there, as Gearbox are designing the game from the ground up for both solitary play with AI teammates and four-player co-op with friends. 'Open-world' is another: Borderlands' desert can be explored and travelled in any direction you see fit.

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MK_Red4485d ago

It's getting more and more awesome for Road Warrior / Mad Max fans. 3 superb post-apocalyptic games from 3 superb devs.

"Except it's not a nest, it's a walking, talking motherbeast, dotted with pores from which the Wrack scuttle. Imagine a Jawa Sandcrawler with legs and a vagina for a face, and you're about 50% there." Now that's creepy and certainly not Mad Maxish but the rest looks seriously similair to The Road Warriors and MM3.

Captain Tuttle4485d ago

This game kind of came out of's got tons of potential. I hope they can pull it off.

nobizlikesnowbiz4485d ago

Like the fact that every weapon in the game is unique. It has every characters personal touch to it.

fopums4485d ago

A premise that isnt over used and jumping from dune buggy to dune buggy is a recipe for greatness :D

"great pontential" pretty much sums up my feelings of this title