Banned UK Manhunt 2 Same as US Version

It's been revealed the version of Manhunt 2 that the British Board of Film Classification turned down earlier this week in the UK, is exactly the same as the revised edition that's been granted a mature rating by the ESRB in North America.

This revelation comes from UK trade magazine MCV during an interview with BBFC spokeswoman Sue Clark. She defends the board's decision saying that the organisation isn't any tougher on videogames than it is on movies. "Manhunt 2 is the second game we have rejected in 23 years. I'd hardly call that draconian," she said.

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pacman6154482d ago

then how come movies like hostel and etc etc etc, get approved , just something to think about, give it a AO rating instead of reject it, its the freewill of people to decide if they want to play it , not some board that thinks only kids want to play these types of games

SageFrancis4482d ago

It's amazing how they can approve things like Hostel and Saw, but not approve manhunt?

Surely watching real people do things like that is worse than watching a few thousand polygons do it?

bung tickler4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

does the UK have something guaranteeing their freedom of speech like the US does? i ask this because it just seems that to "ban" something like this (books, movies, games, music) seems unlawful. here in the us it was never banned just given a rating of AO which doesn't stop the game being made except by nintendo's and sony's choice. The way the UK's is set up even if nintendo or sony wanted to publish this game they couldn't because the government say they cant, is this correct? seems like a restriction of free speech to me... bah... and you europeans think you are so much more forward than us here in the states... (i kid, i kid)

GLoRyKnoT4469d ago

Makes me Proud to be an American!

Manhunt 2 is the second game(the UK has)rejected in 23 years.

What's the other? Amazing length of time!