Link's Crossbow Training: It actually looks decent

After the initial, slightly baffling, product listing the first screens of Wii Zapper pack-in game Link's Crossbow Training have emerged - and it doesn't look half bad.

Essentially it's just a (free) shooting mini-game, but these shots half reminded CVG just how fantastic Twlight Princess looked. Maybe it's time for a revisit...

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MK_Red4029d ago

Wow, I absolutly hate this game (I want my real next-gen Zelda not a bundle for Zapper or something) but gotta admit that screens look actually pretty decent. I was expecting WiiFit / WiiSports graphics.

ChickeyCantor4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )


everything is from Twilight ptincess, i dont really see improvements.
still looks good though

Prismo_Fillusion4029d ago

I wonder how the multiplayer will play out though.


(just kidding)

Saint Sony4028d ago

The first image looks better than Lair ;)

Hmm.. I still have to buy Wii to fully appreciate it, but it surely feels like it could be fun console to have.

RealityCheck4028d ago

I am actually looking forward to the Wii zapper. Aiming is the best part of the Wiimote imho but keeping the wrist extended forward is un-natural and causes strain. The Wii zapper should make aiming more natural and easier on the wrist.

I hope it does well and all games with aiming support the zapper from then on.

PS360WII4028d ago

Cool beans. Should be pretty fun. I like the whole if you buy this accessory you get to have this game. Makes it more of a sure buy for me really.

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