Have Crytek and Dice Showed Up Sony's 1st party Dev's?

Until recently Sony and their first party studios have been the undisputed champions in terms of delivering stunning graphics for this generations consoles.

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BrianG3845d ago

Crytek? No,

Dice? we will have to see, I love the battlefield games.

xAlmostPro3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

They only "show up"(which is abit of a childish way to put it) the 1st party ps3 exclusives when doing a PC vs PS3 comparison..

However that is completely obvious, as is the fact that the consoles versions of these games don't "show up" the 1sp party exclusives, because the 1st party developers have far more experience in the console and know how to utilise things way better.

Belief doesn't = fact

tudors3845d ago


"Belief doesn't = fact"

Do you believe that to be a fact?

xAlmostPro3845d ago


Haha i do yes, for the most part anyway.

I meant in this instance(maybe should have been clearer) that his belief doesn't = fact. Being that his opinions are not factually correct.

Headquarters113845d ago

The textures in Crysis 2 look flat compared to games like KZ2 and UC2. Not even close.

malamdra3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Crytek made a multiplat console game that reaches the graphic quality formerly reserve only for PS3 exclusives

but that doesn't mean that it surpasses the quality of the best PS3 exclusive graphics, like Uncharted/Killzone/God of War

Dice is to early too tell, I remember that the first gameplay vids of Bad Company 2 showed groundbreaking graphics and people couldn't believe it was multiplat, but then when it came out it wasn't that great, so for Battlefield 3 we'll have to wait and see

sdtarm3845d ago

None of them, at all

haha UC DF and UC2 still does a lot of things that no other game in the market has been able to

Redrum0593845d ago

crysis2 looks good, but with the amount of jaggies and pop ups in the game, along with the texturing, i can easily say that crysis2 doesnt stand up with the ps3 exclusives. and yes im talking about both console versions of crysis2.

as for battlfeild 3, i have my doubt since i have yet to see a dev team to fully take advantage of the ps3 tech from the ground up on their multiplat game.

does anyone here remember the cryengine3 tech demo for the ps3??? where the hell is that crysis?

Active Reload3845d ago

Only the faithful on n4g would say no. Bliss=ignorance...

hakis863845d ago

The amazing thing here is in the story: "Until recently".
Huge kudos to SONY's first party studios!!

paintsville3845d ago Show
sourav933845d ago

@paintsville looking at your comment history, imo you shouldn't consider yourself as a true gamer. Bashing the competition is the company's job. We're just supposed to enjoy. I bet you don't even have a ps3. Hence, you have no right to call it "lackluster".

Active Reload3845d ago

Sorry, I spoke to soon. If they were to just leave it as a specific genre--FPSs--then I would definitely agree with them. But there bringing all games into the mix, which I find rather subjective, and they're also leaning more so on the graphical side of things. That's fine, but graphics are only a part to the equation.

DualConsoleOwner3845d ago

"Killzone 3 is still the king of graphics" - Lens of Truth analysis.

and we all know Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 looking better than Killzoen 3.

Heartnet3845d ago

Hands down Gears of War 3 Best graphics :)

InFAMOUS13845d ago


DICE already stated console won't look as good as PC..duh..

I hate modern gaming websites... You all suck

MaxXAttaxX3845d ago

So far BF3 looks similar and no better than Killzone 2/3:
But even less saturated. It's seriously grey!

hazardman3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

I don't know... I thought for all the action happening with vehicles, and such. Battlefield BC 2 looks great and held up well. If BBC3 PC looks this good I know the console version are probably gonna look good(for console graphics)too.

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jaosobno3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Crytek definitely hasn't (you have to be either blind or just plain stupid to claim that), and DICE seems to be treating console version of BF3 like a hated stepchild (judging by their interviews where they praise PC version over console one - every interview is filled with statements where they clearly point out every possible flaw in consoles and why they are inferior to PC).

It's a sad thing when you think that BF3 will sell 5x more on consoles than on pc (as usual).

We'll see about PS3 version of BF3, however, I wouldn't hold my breath on BF3 being superior to likes of uncharteds, killzones and other first party graphical masterpieces.

hesido3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

DICE has put a lot of effort using SPU's in tandem with RSX, much like first party devs.

Just read some of the stuff on and you'll see they put a lot of effort into making use of SPU's and how it raises the bar for graphics. So, no, I don't think they are treating the PS3 as a step child.

Quality / performance wise, will PS3 be the better performing console, that's the question I'm asking.

jaosobno3845d ago

@hesido, quality will definitely be better on ps3 (since it was already comfirmed that ps3 will have features that 360 will lack), so there is no doubt about that - this is not my statement, that is something that DICE claims.

As far as framerate goes, that is still to be determined. So I say we judge performance after we see gameplay videos.

theonlylolking3845d ago

They both have yet to past sony's devs. On PC they have passed but consoles? No

pixelsword3845d ago

@ theonlylolking:

I guess it also depends on what type of PC they are playing on as well.

iamgoatman3845d ago


Dual-core with at least a 8800GT and up I guess. Hardly cutting edge.

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starchild3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

PS3 exclusives - which let's be honest basically means Uncharted, God of war and Killzone - are somewhat overrated. Sure, at one point they looked marginally better than the best 360 game. But that isn't saying much. Microsoft hasn't even bothered to push the 360 to any great degree.

However, Crysis 2 and Gears 3 look just as good or better than any of those games.

But anyway, if Battlefield 3 on consoles looks anywhere remotely close to what they have shown on the PC then it will easily surpass the likes of Killzone 3.

Battlefield 3 http://www.computerandvideo...

Killzone 3

ipe3845d ago

that is running on sli 580 if am not mistaken

KonaBro3845d ago

are only overrated to those who haven't played them in the first place. ;)

HeavenlySnipes3845d ago

at you showing preview code for KZ3

TKCMuzzer3845d ago

Lol, this quite frankly, funny. Ten for effort though.
It makes me think that maybe those games have not graced your TV, because you would retract the Crysis 2 claim.

chak_3845d ago

it runs on a SINGLE 580, not SLI

ElementX3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Posting 14 links makes you look desperate

Trroy3845d ago

I think we'd be amazed at what Sony 1st parties could do with a 580, instead of a slightly modifed 7800 GTX.

pixelsword3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )


@ starchild:

Nice for you to use Pre-alpha code.

How about something that is a little closer to the release date?



talltony3845d ago

Starchild the biggest xbox fanboy on this site hahaaha he is so sad.

"However, Crysis 2 and Gears 3 look just as good or better than any of those games."

He said the same thing about Halo Reach and Metro 2033 on consoles saying they both look better than killzone 2. I promise you he is nothing more than a fanboy living in fantasy land. He is so blind its rediculous.

hakis863845d ago

Well the 580 is a dual-GPU monster, most likely used in a monster PC, so the point remains the same even though it's not in SLI.

Clarence3845d ago

Why don't you compare exclusive console games to exclusive console games, not PC games to PS3 exclusive. Of course the PC battlefield 3 looks better than PS3 Killzone 3. The fact that you compare KZ3 to the PC Battlefield 3 shows how well the PS3 can do against PC games. You are a 360 fan so of of course you say that Crysis 2 and Gears 3 looks better but it doesn't and thats a fact. Stop hating.

Why don't you compare the top 360 exlcusives to the top PC exclusive... You can't find one which is why you use PS3 exclusive.

STONEY43845d ago

The GTX 580 is not dual-GPU. Yes, it's a beast, but so are most of the cards these days as PC games haven't really been pushing the hardware lately other than a few games like Metro 2033, Any PC with an 8800 GTX or above will outdo the console versions, and that thing is around 5 years old.

velaxun3845d ago

The 580 is not dual gpu

3845d ago
cooperdnizzle3845d ago

You need some glasses or something. Because neither of those games you mentioned are close to ps3 exclusive. And how do you know they haven't pushed the 360 yet? If that is true it just show's you how lazy M$ is! Hahahah you just said it yourself. If what you say is true. Which i know its not the case, they have pushed that console as far as it can go!

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-Superman-3845d ago


Bad frame rate, horrible AA, low res... They showed nothing. Crytek only made Crysis amazing grahpic king but Crysis 2 failed on consoles.

Dice, still limited on consoles and limited things... on PC its big...

Crytek and Dice = PC
On Consoles Crytek and Dice dosent come close to Sony 1st party devs

RememberThe3573845d ago

Wow thats an over statement. I'm playing through Cyrsis 2 right now and it's really impressive. I still think that Uncharted 2 and Killzone 3 look better, but they're doing different things. Crysis 2 is a tight ass game and not looking quite as good as Killzone 3 (or whatever) doesn't take away from that.

DrHouse3844d ago

Dont bother replying to this obvious ps3 fanboy, he only recognises exclusives. Another reason ps3 fanboys dont deserve multiplatform games.

MNicholas3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Not even close.

Crysis 2 only has GI lighting on the PC version and even that isn't that great. Just look at the comparison shots of GI on and GI off. The console lighting is baked and simplified. The "depth of field" is just a simple 2D post process blur. That's the beauty of config files. Even developers can be caught lying.

Dice's Frostbite 2 engine looks better than Crysis 2 but whether it can match Killzone 2, let alone Killzone 3, remains to be proven. The PC version shows extremely high resolution textures but really poor draw-distance. Hopefully we'll find out soon.

kaveti66163845d ago

Killzone 3 is a static game.

The water doesn't react to gunfire or footsteps.

The snow flying in your face is superimposed against the view screen and isn't dynamic.

Almost nothing is destructible, and lighting is not dynamic.

The gun models look really good though, and they take up 25 percent of the screen so it makes sense for you to think KZ3 looks amazing.

orange-skittle3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

KAVETI6616, Thank you so much. I said the same thing. That game is super grainy, but they want to use it is a template for superior graphics. ARE YOU F'ING SERIOUS?! Compare the clarity to Gears of War and the graphical architecture and see that there's no comparison. The gun models are nice, but so are the gun models in BC2 and COD:BO. People hide behind crates as they take grenade blasts because those are the future 2045 indestructible crates. They can withstand explosions unlike flying mechs with an arsenal.

Sorry people, but BF is better and the neww SOCOM 4 is actually a lot better. Having more fun in that beta than the KZ3 MP.

Just for the record...Sony exclusives are much better than 360 exclusives. Just so SONY fans know, Mass Effect and Gears are worth the price of admission. You now have one, if Cliffy ever made Gears would be in for a treat, trust me. Alan Wake was good but could've been better. Glad that REMEDY handed Max Payne over to Rockstar

RememberThe3573845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Kavet once again trying to make everyone sound simple. lol.

The guns do look good but thats not just it. The particle effects, the textures, the lighting, the animations, they're all great. The game looks great because GG is great with smoke and mirrors. But as a gamer (and not a programmer) I don't care how they make it look great as long as it looks great. And the water in the jungle level does react to your shots if I remember correctly.

AaronSponk3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Kaveti6616 is clueless as usual.

Crysis 2, Killzone 2 & 3, and nearly all modern games have a mix of dynamic and baked lighting and shadows.

Killzone 2 & 3 do have very good water effects. No it's not prerendered. It's impossible to prerender something that's viewable from all angles. It is true that the water in the ice levels they kept showing does not intereact but that only means that the animation is scripted. It is still being animated and renderd in 3D in real time.

Crysis 2, on the other hand, has all kinds of problems. Pop-up is the worst of any big budget shooter on any platform. By far. The frame-rate is terrible. Crytek's long-time claim that consoles will ahve real-time GI lighting has been proven to be an absolute lie. The worst, however, is the AI. The AI from Killzone and Halo would eat the Crysis 2 AI for lunch.

Technically speaking, Crysis 2 doesn't come close to setting any new standards (on consoles, the PC version is actually pretty good) and, as the hype is starting to wear off, more and more people are realizing that they've been had.

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NoobSessions3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

The PS3 exclusive superiority is deeply exaggerated. On a technical level, PS3 games take the lead, but in the end its all about how the game looks. I applaud Crytek on how great Crysis 2 looks, especially when having to develop for 3 platforms. In comparison, Sony exclusives were only developed and optimized for the PS3. IMHO, the Crysis 2 campaign can easily against any of the PS3's exclusives, as they all look stunning. The winner is subjective however based on preference of style, and etc

BrianG3845d ago

I agree it looks good, but the performance issues keep it form being considered as having the "best graphics".

BubbleSniper3845d ago

from the screens that available to us now, Uncharted 3 look like it already put bar beyond Dice reach.

but when refer to DICE they look like possibly most serious developer when it come to designing on PS3 hardware

from presentation at GDC it become apparent

strifeblade3845d ago

actually crytek did,
well atleast the 360 version / pc version

OH SNAP! I did it agian lol

Clarence3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

I don't think so. If Dice or Crytek were to make an exclusive for the PS3, and really put the time and effort into we would see a far better looking game. Both companies have to make sure to make both console version as close as possible so they don't upset the fans of each console. I don't think Crysis 2 looks all that great on either console.

Im not knocking the 360 exclusives, but the PS3 exclusive this gen are leaps above them. Not only that but they compare the top PC games to the top PS3 exclusives. The PC version will the best version, but I know if Dice was to make an exclusive for the PS3 your eyes will bleed.

hiredhelp3845d ago

Iam as lover of all my ps3 exclusives. but im affraid the guy's right i said from the get go crysis is gonna be amazing. when was launched alot people knocked it.
yet alot still bought it.
Fact is many of you see crytek as a company like the rest of them. there not they soly intrested in the games they make and making them run the best they can on both consoles. no ports no cutting corners.

yes visually it is if not up there with some the best ps3 exclusives it does in some cases just surpass it. that ps3 boy's isnt something you should feel threatened about. as i said these devs dont do ports they do actually want to lean the use of each console. inc the complex ps3. same is going for DICE.
they have had more years on the ps3 then crytek.
but all in all this tells me that tapping into the ps3 making use of the hardware is one thing but having a updated engine newly built soly for that game and others to come also add's to the flavor. example

why do some of you insist kz3 better. yes its slightly more improoved in terms of graphics. tweaked it but lets not forget when they built kz2 they did exactly what crytek did and i do beleave naughtydog did the same thing. they built the engine while programming the game in development.

if more multiplatform devs took a leaf from crytek EA dont do the easy option we get alot more quality games.

YodaCracker3845d ago


LOL, the majority of gaming publications agree that Crysis 2 is the best-looking console game to date, and we all know the game runs slightly better on the 360. So a 360 game is now the best-looking console game of this gen.

Now that that is out of the way, who the hell cares that much about graphics to put them ahead of everything else in importance when judging a game?

BrianG3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

I agree that graphics are only part of what a game should be judged on.

To me performance and gameplay are more important parts of the whole mix.

Also gaming publications don't always have "unbiased" opinions. But again, they are opinions non-the-less. Performance, gameplay, and graphics wise Crysis 2 does not compete with many newer PS3 exclusives. It is simply too unoptimized to compete.

My opinion, so don't take it the wrong way. But my opinion is based off owning 80% of recent PS3 exclusives and playing Crysis 2 all the way through, as well as watching videos of it being played on 360 (NOT THAT DIFFERENT).

Crytek did a nice job, and honestly if they spent more time it would be the best looking game on the market. But what they released is plagued with graphical errors at almost every section of the game. If you played it you've probably seem most of the issues I'm referring to, clipping, texture loading, etc....

winflasher03845d ago

Please show me what none 360 fanboys think Crysis 2 is the best looking console game.

awi59513844d ago

Your a retard everything you talking about in uncharted has been done in pc games years ago. The only diffrence now is consoles can finally put out some proper graphics effects that was only seen on pc. I was gaming on pc long before 360 and ps3 came out. When they did you know what i said oh the consoles look like pc now. But pc games looked like they were in 1080p years ago.

Consoles just caught up some but not much. So yeah sdtarm your smoking crack pc games have looked this good years ago on intergrated graphics set up and thats the bottom of the barrel of pc gaming. When i played the first call of duty on dell intergrated graphics on my moms pc it looked far better than anything on console thats how bad consoles are. I built my first gaming pc to play half life 2 when it came out and unreal 2004 and doom 3.

I played pc before but pc has been far above console and still is. I played the pc version of the original doom and wolfenstein. Sorry but pc has always been better and still is. If you guys are true gamers learn how to build your own pc and rise above the console wars. Because when your pc consoles are a joke.

Rainstorm813844d ago

Hows the air up on that PC high horse?

Only true gamers have PC's? huh?...lolz...Any real gamer knows PC,PS3,360 and even Wii has something to offer "gamers"....If you dont know this then that makes you a fanboy...which are you? (rhetorical ? we already know)

What about the games that arent on Pc at all?

Hey guys, leave the elitism to politicians....It looks really ugly on gamers, or so-called gamers.

awi59513844d ago

The word fanboy originated with console owners that type of crap is below us pc guys now suck it raiinstorm lol. You never heard of fanboys untill the console guys decided to be retards toward each other lol now suck it lol.

AaronSponk3844d ago

Now that the Crysis 2 hype is wearing off, the beer vision is disappearing as well and people are seeing the game for what it really is.

The fact is that COD Black Ops (both PS3 and 360) looks better than Crysis 2 (console version only) and runs at a much better frame-rate.

Now people are realizing the smoke and mirrNow it's obvious that it was all a smoke and mirrors act pulled off by Crytek. They kept talking about the features in the PC version and fooled people into thinking it would be be like that on consoles as well.

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MintBerryCrunch3845d ago

you write like a 12 year old

HBK6193845d ago

wut r u sayin tht he spokes leik a 12 yo tht is so rong bro

he isht awesum

WhiteNoise3845d ago


Sentences start with a capital and end with a period.

You write like a moron.

Millah3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

You are the author of this article correct? You sound like a 15 year old fanboy. I almost laughed when you said "ask any rational gamer and they'll say the same thing." Yea, like you're the one to comment about what rational people would say. Well, first you'd have to be rational yourself in order to understand how rational people think. And a 15 year old fanboy doesn't exactly fit the mold of a rational person.

Trying to push your opinion as fact or "being rational" is not rational one bit. The rational person would probably say that the real praise Crysis 2 earns is being such a graphically impressive multi platform game and running similarly across consoles, but still not the "king" of graphics considering it doesn't even beat it's predecessor. So, an achievement for multi platform, but certainly not the king.

And BF3 has only shown PC footage so far. So if you've been "keeping up with the news" as you said in the article, you would know that DICE has said the console version will be inferior. So before you start saying that BF3 has killed PS3 exclusives, how about you wait until the console version of BF3 has been shown.

thekiddfran3845d ago

@ WhiteNoise. And you have one bubble, troll!!

oNIXo3845d ago


A capital city, capital letter, or capital as in money?

nitpicking is a bitch

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Lord Anubis3845d ago

oh wow the writer almost stated his belief as fact.