Maguire: New PS3 can change attitudes

SCE UK Boss Ray Maguire has told MCV that the introduction of the new entry level 40GB PS3 will silence the doubters and take the platform to 'the next level.'

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felman874114d ago

I don't trust people who are vague.

Bullseye4114d ago

The price is right, the games are not! But things are heading in right direction now, which is good for me as a gamer.

solidt124114d ago

The new PS3 will rule this holiday and look pretty doing it.

Evil A Sulli4114d ago

Most people that post on the internet drink two litters of hater-rade then start blogging about Sony.

Real hardcore gamers will buy all the good systems on the market and "Without a Doubt" the PS3 is a good system that non Sony fans will buy regardless of what people say on the internet

SADIST4114d ago

I got all 3 systems, but to be honest what the hell is he talking about bringing things to the next level? For all the supposed power this playstation has I barely play the thing, I only touch it when I play god of war 2. Fanboys can make their claims, but the reality is that it's not the best gaming system. And looking at the games coming out (the ones that aren't on the 360) there is nothing coming out that can be considered breathtaking.

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