Niche Games: Swimming Against the Current of the Mainstream

Supply and demand is the cornerstone of basic economics. The company with a product that appeals to the most consumers stands to gain the most profit. It's no different in the video game industry... corporations like Electronic Arts and THQ have made a fortune by catering to a mainstream audience. Given this huge potential for profit, it's surprising to discover that there are companies out there that narrow their focus to a specific group of customers. It would seem that these developers are missing a golden opportunity, but there's a method to the madness of niche developers. Chris Jelinek, the president and CEO of O3 Entertainment, offers this explanation: "We have a desire to bring different genres of games to the marketplace. We appreciate everything the large companies do, but we believe that many gamers are seeking out products that the big public companies choose not to deliver. Consumers are hungry for new gaming experiences. We would like to satisfy that hunger."

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Cat4023d ago

a lot of the profit losses seem more like bad management.