10 Reasons why the PlayStation 4 will Launch in 2014

"A couple of days ago we predicted that the next Xbox or, for lack of a better moniker, the Xbox 720, will launch in 2009. So what then, of the PlayStation 4? Of the three systems in the current-generation, the PS3 has been the most lambasted, critically under-appreciated and commercially shaky. Will these concerns, and the likelihood of an early debut for Microsoft's next console, force Sony's hand and see the PS4 launch sooner than expected? We think not, and here are ten reasons why:"

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HeartlesskizZ4490d ago

all 10 reasons are somehow truth. and the first reason is a fact.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4490d ago

Nicely written, objective and thoughtful. Actually surprised it came from Australia. I was under the impression people down there favored the Xbox 360 over the ps3. Nice to see a fair article.

ip-student4490d ago

The big assumption is that developers can figure out a way to use most of the performance capabilities of the PS3 in a game environment. I am not convinced it is possible and I think much of the processing power of the PS3 will always go unused. And this ignores, at least somewhat, the increase in graphical capabilities that future consoles will bring (and I don't think the XBOX 720 will drop until 2011 but that is a different story).

So interesting but not particularly persuasive, at least to me. But if developers do figure out how to untap the potential it is possible. I am going to wait and see.

Mighty Boom4490d ago

I wouldn't exactly call that an objective article. While it is a good read there is bias towards the PS3 for sure.

ShiftyLookingCow4490d ago

I would be surprised if PS3 manages to outlive PS2, but at the same time its possible I suppose. If what Gameplayer says is true, then to get the best of gaming, you need buy a console every 3-4 years.

bluebrad19744490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

The reason the ps1 and ps2 stayed on the market for so long is because the sales were there. No company is going to keep bleeding money just for the hell of it. If sony can't get the ps3 into the black by it's 3rd birthday, then news of the next ps will probably start trickling out.

xhi44490d ago

the ps3, as Sony have stated many times, is built for the long haul. Like the ps2 is still going strong, that is sticking to it's 10 year plan, and Sony usually releases its next-gen console 6-7 years after the console before it, so yer this seems about right, I'd expect a 2014/5 release for the ps4 as well. But.....that's a long way away, don't need to worry about that lol

bluebrad19744490d ago

Sony says alot of things that they end up with their foot in their mouth. Ps1 and ps2 had something the ps3 doesn't, sales.

EXPLICIT214490d ago

Sales? What do you expect? 25 million units sold its first year? Over time sales add up.

kingofps34490d ago

Xbots can only wish they see these PS3 qualities in their dieing 360s.

Skizelli4490d ago

Does spewing garbage like that make you feel better about your existence?