IGN: "More Assassin's Creed Video"

"More droolworthy footage for your greedy eyes. Must see," IGN writes regarding Assassin's Creed.

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sonarus4492d ago

i am not siked for this game i believe it will be one of the let downs of the yr carryin 8.5 reviews at best. Not a bad game simply not the best.

SabreMan4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

This is the exactly attitude that annoys me and clearly outlines the review structure which many magazines and online gaming sites use as it stands is clearly flawed, if Assassins Creed does average an 8.5 how is that regarded as a letdown.

An 8.5 should or used to be regarded as a must have title, there are far to many 10's being given out by reviewers these days.
From what i have seen this game is very ambitious,has massive potential and at this unreviewed stage still could be game of the year.
The graphics are jaw dropping the story from what i have seen and read sound like no other in gaming terms.

8.5 should never, ever be regarded as a letdown but sadly thats the position the reviewing/gaming community is in right now and it's completely wrong
I am an avid reader of EDGE magazine and they have only given out 4 or 5 10's in the 14 years they have been on shop shelves, there is a reason for this, they do not iron over the cracks or bow to hype,they tell it how it is. Sadly the same cannot be said for many other publications/gaming review websites and thats why we are in this position right now

just my opinion, if you disagree please offer a comment as to why

no_more_heroes4492d ago

then people need not worry about the graphics AT ALL. This game is gorgeous. Also, this game looks fun enough just running around scaling every building and platform there is, at least to me. All I'd do is stir up some trouble with the crowd then see how many different ways I can run away from the chasing guards. Can't wait!

Lord Anubis4492d ago

There are several graphical errors, also, I think its well known that the game streams but they should eliminate horse riding because the streaming engine they are using is horrible. Of course is not the final game and perhaps everything will be iron out. Right now for me it doesn't look pretty.

nix4492d ago

one of the games i've been waiting for.

but i saw the assassin run through the ropes in the second (8mins) video. but i guess all that will be fixed.

Baba19064492d ago

wow looks fantastic to me. dont now. maybe my eyes are not as sharpe as yours lol. but this is just amazing. cant wait to get this.

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The story is too old to be commented.