BioWare and Pandemic on the EA Deal

Following the huge news about EA acquiring BioWare/Pandemic GameDaily Biz got on the phone with Josh Resnick and Greg Borrud from Pandemic and Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk from BioWare. Both companies feel they're maintaining an "independent spirit." BioWare also talks about the future of Mass Effect.

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Lord Anubis4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

so EA now owns Mass Effect and Mercenaries.

SuperSaiyan44482d ago

BIZ: So you wouldn't rule out the possibility of it appearing on PS3?

Muzyka: We have no plans currently to pursue that. Our focus is pure and simple; it's to deliver the best game possible for our fans with Mass Effect, and that's an Xbox 360 exclusive. Microsoft's a great partner... and they've really helped build the value of the product and we're proud to work with them.

So looks like 360 only then especially if Bioware as they say are working independatly still.

If you actually read the first page, funny how they say 'PSP,DS,Wii' then 'whatever'...They don't even give the PS3 a mention at all.

Last gen Bioware delivered on Xbox only and PC this gen with Mass Effect its 360 only and *could* appear on the PC.

Also consider this is a trilogy would be pointless continuing the story on another platform and spending time and money making it for both platforms whereas they could just concentrate on the one.

If you look at last gen some games were 360 only even though Microsoft didn't own the IP or publish it, it was upto the developer and also publisher and this applies again.

RealityCheck4481d ago

I don't understand why every topic on this website has to immediately turn into a console war. Play games, have fun with what you have, no need to spread the hate on what you don't have.

Back on topic, I think short-term these acquisitions won't have much impact on the games that almost already done. I am a little bit concerned longer term, given EA track record on not treating their employees well, about the quality of the next games once the talent starts to leave from these purchased studios.

progx4481d ago

Go cry somewhere else, the only thing worse than a fanboy/console war are the people who b*tch about said war.

ps3gogetitt4481d ago

Let it go multiplatform.... and we will see a lot people who said the game was bad all of a sudden singing it's praises, i have my 360 now so don't really care... but I know MS deep pockets will keep the next two in the trilogy exclusive like the first one

caffman4481d ago

as in you are from finland and working with EA?