Gaming Irresponsibly review - Winter Voices

Let me preface this article by first telling you my overall opinion: this game is terrible. First, before I tear into why I think that is, I’ll tell you about some of the good stuff: why I bought it, how it should have been, etc...

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callahan092754d ago

I thought it looked really cool from the screenshots and everything, and when it was on sale on Steam for like 2 bucks, I decided to try the demo and see if it was worth that price. Demo was AWFUL. Definitely don't buy this game. I couldn't even go into what I hated about it so much, but it just Drrrrragged on, incredibly boring, and the controls sucked and it was very unpolished. Shame.

Tikicobra2754d ago

The name combined with the dramatic crow made it seem really cool. But then I looked at the screenshots...

blitz0x2754d ago

I LIKED the screenshots - but the gameplay was just. so. bad.

TheoreticalParticle2754d ago

Always fun to see a review of a truly awful game.

mixelon2753d ago

How does isometric viewpoint in any way make you think its going to be like Diablo? There are hundreds if games with the exact same sort of view. Many of them slow moving adventures and rpgs. Admittedly most are pretty old now, predating diablo but the expectation seems unrealistic.

I'm not saying this is a good game though. :)