1up reviews everyday shooter

1up States:
"As you listen to the quietly comforting, endlessly looping guitar picking of Everyday Shooter's title screen and read creator Jonathan Mak's personal notes about his motivations and inspirations behind the game (found there as well), it's hard not to get excited about what lies ahead. ES is an exquisite gaming experiment that injects endless creativity into a beautifully polished two-stick shoot-em-up. It seems it took Mak a fair bit of personal reflection to end up working from his heart instead of purely from his brain, and 1up was lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of both."

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RonDeMuerte4485d ago

haha damn looks like Microsoft forgot to write out a check this week....

kingofps34484d ago

no wonder IGN is so rich.

btkadams4485d ago

lol at the comments.

i dont get 1up. they rated everyday shooter .5 better than resistance. thats where my wtf meter goes off the charts. everyday shooter is a tight game but i think its worth about an 8...maybe 8.5 but thats pushing it.

RonDeMuerte4485d ago

that they review and rate small psn games and actual big titles the same way........besides I bought the game and I think it's's original...and I love the sound of it......and for a psn game....I believe they gave it the right score...

no_more_heroes4484d ago

that there is no conspiracy after all. Maybe its because most (not all) reviewers call it as they see it. If a game sucks, it just sucks. I do, however, think reviewers were a little harsh on Lair. I'm sure its not THAT bad. It looks too pretty to be that bad. ;)

The Wood4484d ago

we have to wait as usual in europe. We still havent got puzzle fighter, tekken online or pixel racers yet. snatching us and jap demos is kool n easy but i dont have a cc registered to a us address and cant be asked to keep asking my mate in l.a to use hers

popup4484d ago

TheWood, You could try Wirecard(.com)

It is a virtual Mastercard. I do not know if this idea still works but PSN stores do not require address details on Mastercard purchases.

I really want this game too and have the same problem so I think I will give it a go and see if it works this afternoon.

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