Latest Japanese Hardware Chart, PS3 and Wii Continue to Fall

Wii and PS3 continue to slip while DS retakes the lead away from PSP, but just barely.

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Naruto4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )


nasim4491d ago

Xbox360 1,547


1/8 as ps3.

meaning effectively 1/16th as ps3 since as ps3 costs 2x as much as an x360 in JAPAN

sonarus4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

damn. japanese arent buying hardware anymore. Price drop ought to regenerate new interest in the ps3 and i dnt really see any games coming in to regenerate the wii signifcantly till mario galaxy or sumthin. Ps3 has a short but clear open windo this is the time to finally outsell the wii. Only handhelds seem to be selling xbox even feel back to its usual space looks like the halo effect was short lived. Kudos to msoft for getting 60,000 japanese ppls to buy it in the first place

Naruto4491d ago

Sony announced it would lower the price of the 20GB model by 10 percent from 49,980 yen ($428) to 44,980 yen ($385) on October 17. Sony will also start selling its 60GB model at 54,980 yen ($472), which currently retails for around 60,000 yen ($515). Sony will launch the new 40GB model at 39,980 yen ($343) on November 11.

YoMeViet4491d ago

why does he have to work for Sony? those dates are listed around the internet.

cooke154491d ago

Then why are you listing all this information we know?

synetic4491d ago

cooke15 because i ask in now stfu and go play barbie

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The story is too old to be commented.