Microsoft Provides Update on Mass Effect

TeamXbox writes: "As soon as EA announced it had acquired BioWare Corp. and Pandemic Studios, the Xbox community wondered what would happen to the Mass Effect trilogy, which BioWare intended to begin and end on the Xbox 360 platform."

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green_ghost54077d ago

This sh*t is sickening, it really blows.....I don't really have a big prblem with EA I buy a few of their games, but c'mon not Bioware!!!!

gtgcoolkid4077d ago

I have a PS3 but at this point considering the sh*t job they have been doing with ports and what not I will be unsure even is Mass Effect eventually comes on PS3.

Plus Bioware is one of the finest RPG companies. I can't even imagine what EA will do to them. We all know innovation died at EA along time ago and I have a feeling they will have Bioware pumping games out so fast, we will learn a new meaning for crap games.

InMyOpinion4077d ago

It would indeed be a terrible thing if they would ruin the game for PS3 owners by making a sloppy port.
If they are to port it for the PS3, I hope they follow Bethesdas example with Oblivion.

I think it would be a good thing to port it, if it was on the PS3 there's a good chance the japanese audience would show a bigger interest in western rpg's.

secret4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

- Why xbots are interfering and causing inconveniences not only in the HD-DVD / Bluray war, but also in this generations graphics potential...


In addition to causing wide dispearsed distress among movie watchers having to choose between HD-DVD and Bluray version of movies, xbots and Microsoft have interfered with the gaming industry as whole.

And this is a sad fact that no one has really grounded into the mind of this generations gamers, xbots excluded because they'll never see beyond the smoke & mirrors, always mouth hanging agape, drooling with glazed eyes staring blankly at the wonderful smoke & mirrors fogging up reality that they cannot see or refuse to see in order to protect their egos for buying the wrong system.

Unable to realize that every bad thing they attribute to the PS3 is actually a characteristic of their OWN SYSTEM.

No games? A PS3 plus a PC version of Halo or Gears or Bioshock is already an xbox360 without any strings attatched. Then it must be true that the XBOX360 has no games too. But the PS3 has movies and PS3, PS2, PS1, and PSN titles to cushion itself. Can't say the same for the xbox360, can you. In addition, we don't need to worry about having to play online all the time to make use of the internet fees. IT'S FREE FOR US.

Expensive? Because xbots will want hi-def movies, wouldn't they need a bluray player (most likely a PS3 if they like gaming too) and / or a HD-DVD add-on(no movies and poor video quality)? How about the cost of the internet fees by the end of this generation that's roughly equal to the cost of a PS3 ITSELF...!!! This is amazing math, ladies and gentlemen. XBOTS haven't figured it out yet. They're still baffled or still trying to protect their egos from failing Alegebra - twice - becaues they were too busy playing games to prepare for their future in the work world.

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Microsoft had to have Assasin's Creed in it's lineup AND COD4. Now, developers are going to develop the game up to the potential of the 8 gig and PC processors of the xbox360 and then force feed it to us PS3 owners. We're all facing you and applauding you 360 owners. THANKS, man.

Now imagine this. Microsoft released a HD-DVD drive that allows the xbox 360 to play HD-DVD games rather than just watching movies. Now get this. Because the number of people who own the HD-DVD add-on for gaming is initially going to be smaller compared to those who own the current DVD only console, most developers will only want to focus on making games for the DVD version. Imagine if you bought the HD-DVD drive and found out that MASS EFFECT for the HD-DVD version will be identical to the DVD version because more xbox360 owners at the moment have the DVD only console rather than the HD-DVD enabled console.

You'd be pissed. And that's how we feel with every multiport that involves you guys. If you can't hang on the fast lane, we suggest you get off the freeway or join the Nintendo Wii in the slow lane. You're blocking our way. GET OFF THE FAST LANE, YOU HUNK OF JUNK...!!!

Disc space isn't the xbox360's only shortcomming. Imagine adding HD-DVD and Bluray gaming to the Sega Genesis, N64, or the Wii. Because their architecture is inferior, no matter how large the storage capacity, you'll never get a good looking game as Grand Turismo 5 or subperb AI with over hundreds of enemeis onscreen like Heavenly Sword or Resistance Fall of Man where there are hundreds of thousands of billions of particles and enemies exploding and moving all at once on one screenshot.

For instance, xbots always claim that adding mutliple discs will solve the graphics problem. Would adding 100 to 1000 multiple discs to the original Playstation One or the Nintendo Wii compensate for the graphics problem and make ports of Grand Turismo5 or Heavenly Sword or Gears of War or Halo3 (whatever) or Motorstorm or Virtual Fighter 5 look identical to the PS3 versions on those inferior hardwares? You understand?

Same goes for adding extra storage to the xbox360. It's lack of Cell processing and the unique relationship between the Cell and system architecture will always result in developers using Fog and Mirrors or artwork (artstyle) to fool certain groups of gamers into believing that that's raw power they're seeing.

Has anyone seen breakthrough graphics on the xbox360 yet like Grand Turismo 5, Killzone 2, Heveanly Sword, Motorstorm, and Ratchet & Clank (took developers only one year to make) in it's 3 to 4 years of existence? The above PS3 game are all mainly first gen titles. Can the xbox360 explain itself for the last 3 to 4 years? Or is Mass Effect, Gears, HALO3, and Project Gotham Racer 4 or Ninja Gaiden 2 supposed to be the breakthrough over the past 3 to 4 years of old age because reviewers said so.

Fake reviews won't cut it anymore. Opinions can be bought and changed over time. Excuse me sir, do you prefer Coke or Pepsi. "Well, they both seem the same to me, and I honestly can't tell the difference, but since Pepsi provided me my most recent paycheck, it's clear that Pepsi tastes better." Also, I doubt that American reviewers (EGM, GAMEPRO, 1UP, IGN, GAMEPSOT, and so on) cannot have a bias in favor toward an American console. I think Motorstorm and Grand Turismo 5 do look better than Project Gotham Racer 4, not matter the perfect 10 from xbox magazine. And Motorstorm is more fun.

I want to know the truth. It's hard to find the truth in the Olympics if an American Olympian is getting all perfect scores because all the nine judges on the panel are from America. That's why we try to shake things up and put judges from other backgrounds in the panel. Not so in video game magazines, is there?

How would you feel if you went to a court trial and knew 100% that you won't get a fair hearing because the judge and the defendant are uncle and nephew. Let's keep the race fair.

Don't believe about smoke & mirrors? Fact - all games considered good looking in the xbox360 lineup are dark. Ugly girls wear tons and tons of makeup and want to make love with the lights turned off or dimmed down to make themselves look more appealing. Shine a bright light on them, and you'll see that Gears of War or Mass Effect have always been HALO3 after all.

Please look at the third or fourth video first:

EZCheez4077d ago

Bring on that trilogy baby! I'll wait for the first on PC and pick up the rest on PS3. This is awesome news. I REALLY wanted this game.

Chris_GTR14077d ago

i wouldnt count on it..
mass effect 1 will go down as the greatest rpg ever.
followed by sucky ass mass 2 and 3 ... EA is incharge of it, so its a guarantee that there gonna suck. i wouldnt be suprised if they started releasing the game every year. calling it masseffect 2008,2009,2010,2011...
good bye bioware... you died a horrible death.
RIP bioware.

EZCheez4077d ago

You have a really good point. When I first heard the news I was ecstatic. I would love to get ANY Mass Effect on PS3. I love Bioware and every game they release. But since it is EA we are talking about, you are probably right. I hope you're wrong though, for the sake of all of us that love great RPG's.

AngryTypingGuy4077d ago

Don't count on it going to PS3.

brothersimon4076d ago

Epic Fail. You can save your money, its not going to PS3. PC and that'll be all.

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hazeblaze4077d ago

And there it is... the next two games are very likely to end up multiplats.

ErcsYou4077d ago

EA???????...nooooooooo...mass effect not owned by M$ (yet)

how can M$ win the console war???
by smasing the competition with money stacks...
be a rebel and fight the good fight

Panthers4077d ago

hopefully EA doesnt mess them up

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