Smash Bros Delay Could Mean Dark Christmas for Nintendo

In this article, Wired writes:

"Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities, said the delay likely won't have a significant impact on sales of the game.

"But instead of Nintendo being the clear winner this holiday, maybe Microsoft has a chance of keeping up. There's not as much compelling Nintendo content this holiday without it," he said.

Of Nintendo's competitors, Microsoft looks to have the best holiday outlook on continued sales of Halo 3 for Xbox 360, which raked in nearly $300 million in its first week of sales.

Sony will trail in third place this year, said Pachter."

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unsunghero284121d ago

It was impossible to get a Wii without Brawl before.

It'll still be impossible to get a Wii without Brawl.

ESPECIALLY because Super Mario Galaxy is coming out so well.

BaMYouRDeaD4121d ago

Yeah, as was said above, there's Super Mario Galaxy, which is more than enough to carry the Wii through Christmas. Heck, with all the units it's selling, they probably don't even need a good game to carry them through anything until the 360 and PS3 get affordable.

PS360WII4120d ago

Yea Galaxy is still on track for the Christmas time and should do well for the Christmas time.

ChickeyCantor4120d ago

great lets sell mario galaxy and brawl with out having Wii's to sell =/

Marona4120d ago

Not everyone is into Mario games, Brawl's delayed made me delay myself from buying a Wii this christmas. :\

PS360WII4120d ago

Granted. We were just getting at the fact that while it's upsetting that Brawl is delayed it won't stop the fact that many others want the Wii for Mario.

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