IGN : Assassin's Creed In-Depth Hands-on

By Ryan Geddes "The madman Majd Addin is dead, but his murder has been a clumsy affair. What was supposed to be a lightning-fast kill has turned into a pitched battle in the streets of Jerusalem, and now every guard in the city is hunting for an Assassin."

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Siesser4484d ago

The free-running/parkour looks darn near flawless; it's the aspect of the game that has me the most excited. I can't wait to get this puppy home. I was a little worried by the stage demo at E3, but it seems they've got the collision sensitivity under control, and the animations while scaling and changing elevation look great.

CBaoth4484d ago

while the game is beautiful the above trailer is full of screen shearing. I wish the focus of every multiplat review would not focus on the content and minute differences between console versions, but let us know w/o having to read a 3 page review if the freaking game plays smooth. This game and Uncharted have me worried (although UDF looks in recent trailers to have been significantly improved). And it's the primary reason I was disappointed in HS, but the main reason I'm now buying R&C after playing the demo.