IGN : Everyday Shooter Review

There are a lot of arcade shooters out there, and a tragic majority of them feel about the same. So it's nice to see a shooter that, while borrowing a great deal of elements from previous games of its type, still maintains a spark of originality and style that carries it above and beyond the typical fare that has become frustratingly abundant.

Final Verdict : 7.9

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skynidas4480d ago

good score for a psn game

Bigmac5734480d ago

You ever notice the IGN Wii reviewers give almost all of the arcade games an 8.0 or higher? Talk about standards being too high, IGN PS3 reviewers aren't happy with anything. What a buncha picky bastards.

hazeblaze4480d ago

Actually there are a ton of XBLA games with low scores... I don't think they gave this game an unfair score. Stardust is still my favorite so far but I'd be willing to give this a try.

Close_Second4480d ago

...arcade games with low scores is because....they actually deserve them. Some of the games available on XBLA are really, really, dire.

btkadams4480d ago

they never give downloadable games good ratings lol. regardless of system. didnt geometry wars only get an 8? it makes sense though, cuz i mean u get sick of the games pretty fast, or you just cant play for extended periods of time.

i do think this is one of the best downloadables on psn though. lots of fun. the unlocks are cool too.

DrPirate4480d ago

It got underrated.

Why? It got a lower score then geometry wars.

Considering I own both, I openly declare Everyday shooter to be the definitive arcade joystick shooter. It's just full to the brim with visual beauty and fantastic unparalleled sound.

PimpHandHappy4480d ago

thats what i want to hear DrPirate

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