Sony Says PS3 Firmware Upgrade Will Boost Blu-ray Interactivity

Although details remain sketchy, Sony says it is planning a firmware update to its PlayStation 3 that will boost Blu-ray interactivity.

As first reported by Video Business, the revelation came from Sony VP of advanced technologies Don Eklund at yesterday's HDTV DisplaySearch conference in Universal City, California during a panel discussion about next-gen interactivity.

Beyond saying that the firmware update was expected "soon," Eklund provided no further details, leaving eager fans to speculate on exactly what might be included.

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HeartlesskizZ4051d ago

Maybe it is and I wonder how it will boost BD? maybe some more interaction with the movies or who knows. Cant wait

wil4hire4051d ago

issues with in the past. Thats one story. THe other is the 100gb disc readability. WHile that is useless right now, thats the other bluray news.

pwnsause4051d ago

BD-J, thats how aka profile 1.1

gaffyh4051d ago

The update must be to allow the PS3 to read 100GB discs, I can't think of any other way they can boost Blu-Ray Interactivity. Unless they put some crappy online feature in.

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LPpatriot454051d ago

More evidence to support the Firmware 2.0 update on the 30th "rumor". Already it's looking to be so awesome.

Darkiewonder4051d ago

MAYBE From the Agreement it MAYBE allow with HOME to let others watch it as long as the remote person is playing!

jaja14344051d ago

As cool as that would be, it would never be legal. :(

mattkelly19914050d ago

Sony cant sue themselfs... are you retarded. Both Blue ray and home are sony... LOL...
"Hey you guys, what are you doing playing that Blue-ray disc on home!!! Thats illegal..."
"But you guys let us do it"
"just becuase we put it on there doesn'tean anything! Gaurds arest them... Guards... anyone?"
lol thats how it would go down.

DJ4051d ago

I hate quitting a game just to read a message; I want in-game XMB already (and custom soundtracks). Never really used it on my Xbox, but I think it'll have a great place in Motorstorm and Warhawk.

BaMYouRDeaD4051d ago

Agreed 100%. Quitting out of a game just to read or send a message is not very reasonable.

Hopefully they have a system sort of like the Xbox Guide button where if you press the button when the message comes up, it takes you directly there.

fury4051d ago

Sony, however, said that it is up to the developers to decide whether to integrate that feature to their games or not.

PS360PCROCKS4050d ago

Agreed with you guys. I like the functionality that xbox has with the guide button. PS should definitely integrate that.

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BaMYouRDeaD4051d ago

I hope they add interaction such as the in-movie green screen feature for 300 on HD DVD, or something of the sort.

jackdoe4051d ago

It is an update to allow the PS3 to play new Blu-ray movies that have features that have picture in picture. It all depends on the disc.

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