Q&A: Pandemic Studios on The EA Acquisition

To discuss the future of Pandemic Studios under EA management following this afternoon's announcement of its acquisition, Gamasutra spoke to the developer's management team, including co-founder and president Josh Resnick, co-founder and CEO Andrew Goldman, and chief production officer Greg Borrud.

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power of Green 4051d ago

Well it sounds like EA wants these guys as team players rather than just property and respects their talant. Really seems like EA's trying something diferent with the quality of these new devs they teamed up with/purchased seems like EA really wan'ts to leave things as is with these new companies, we'll see.

socomnick4051d ago

Rip Bioware and pandemic studios . The best thing we can hope for now is a mass exodus of employees at Bioware , forming a new independent studio.

Dannagar4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

I don't think that EA's acquisition of BioWare and Pandemic studios would be such a bad thing if EA had a good track record. Things don't sound so bad but then again, it's EA we are talking about. I personally think of EA as the Devil.

power of Green 4051d ago

We'll know soon enough when their games start being and selling like average titles. EA seems like they really wan't to redeem their rep leaving these companies alone is the only way and from the sounds of this post EA knows this.

Kuest4051d ago

in an earlier post (I think we all know which one). Perhaps, EA's acquisition is not as bad as I thought. In any case, keep the good games coming for this gen. Its been good so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.