Beautiful Katamari Reviewed by IGN

Right from the opening movie you know that Beautiful Katamari is something special. Its wacky style is guaranteed to bring a grin to the face of the most hardcore gamer and it's a welcome addition to the barren category of family friendly games on 360. There's a decent attempt to extend game through online multiplayer but once again Katamari's biggest downfall is that the magic is short lived. Despite a few problems the game is still a joy to behold and a guaranteed smile in a box.

Overall score: 7.8/10

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wil4hire4077d ago

Well.. you guys do have all of those FPS.

Bnet3434077d ago

7.8 is higher then the 7.0 IGN gave Heavenly Sword. Ouch indeed.

Marceles4077d ago

A former PS3 exclusive that the 360 can have...can't believe some xbox fans actually put this on their holiday AAA good games list.

wageslave4077d ago

Is the 7.8 not good enough for you? Exactly how many quality family-friendly games does the PS3 have?

There are about 80 Xbox LIVE Arcade title that fill that role very well. Kameo is a family friendly title, and it has a Metacritic score of 7.9; the same as Heavenly Sword, and 0.3 better than Folklore.

Crash Bandicoot is due out soon too, and it is probably going to end up being 7.0 - 8.0. Again, its not exactly Mario Galaxy, but it will end up with a higher score (probably) than anything remotely "family friendly" on PS3.

Heck, the best exlusive game is Resistance: FoM at 8.6 / 10. There are 9 Xbox 360 exclusives that score better than 8.6.

"Ouch" indeed. That said, Beautiful Katamari is a fantasticly fun game, its going to be wonderful to have at parties w/ buddies.

Cant wait to roll up the universe.

mirroredderorrim4077d ago

I don't think this game will sell too well on Xbox. I was genuinely sad when I found out it was canceled for PS3.

skynidas4077d ago

not a such a good score

BloodySinner4077d ago

Well deserved rating, actually.

sak5004077d ago

If its not budget priced then its not selling. 360 owners are more mature than playing games like this and ratchet and clank. Psteenagers would like this one.

Armyless4077d ago

If you've played the game, and I mean sat down and rolled along a scale mind-phuk unwinds in your mind.


The barriers that kept you confined in the hallway can now be rolled up... and all the barriers now for that matter. Holy sh!t we just picked up a car. What next? What's bigger than a car?

Yes we would love to take it if you don't want it.

wageslave4077d ago

hey, you might be pleasantly surprised. It surely is an acquired taste, but it's probably the first new fun puzzle game in 3D.

Think of it more like a quirky 3D tetris-kinda-thing. Its very Zen trying to establish a smooth roll.

Give it another shot -- try it on rental at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.